Wood Chunks at Menards Finally

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Dec 23, 2006
This time of year in Iowa it gets hard to find chunked wood instead of chips. Menards Lumberyards finally got some Hickory and Mesquite Wood Chunks in. $4.97 per bag. They still have the apple, maple, and cherry chips in stock too. No digital thermos either. Just thought I would share.
I bought a bag of each a while back. These are pretty good, but more like chips rather than chunks. Some very tiny pieces are in the bag.
I found some decent size bags at a local Wal-Mart Super store here in Naples, FL the other day. About a 10lb bag of chunks, Mesquite and Hickory, for only 4.99 a bag. I thought that was a pretty good price so bought one of each. Of course, with the BGE, it doesn't take a lot of wood to smoke so a little goes a long way with me. :D I would be up a creek here if I had a total wood type smoker :cry:
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