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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by bestee, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. bestee

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    I have a firebox smoker (Oklahoma Joe). I primarily use charcoal as a base, and then use mesquite chips (I live in switzerland so getting other flavors is a challenge, although am getting some fruit tree chips sent over). My question is this: how many handfuls of chips should be put on? I tend to just make sure a constant smoke is coming, but am ripping through chips. Should I go with less? will there be enough flavor?

    I would love to post pics of my most recent smoke (a full grill of 10lbs of babybacks...but I am over the kb limit at 127kb and max is 97...having difficulties resizing it.

    Thanks for the help
  2. squeezy

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    If you can't get chunks, try foiling your chips with a few holes punched in the top, will slow down the burn as it keeps the air away.

    Hope that helps.
  3. larry maddock

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    soak chips 30 minutes befor putting them in foil...[​IMG]
  4. adb551

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    I am a believer that you get most of your real smoke flavor in the first couple of hours.

    After that I just use lump charcoal to keep the heat.

    I am ready for everybody to yell at me now!! lol
  5. deejaydebi

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    Bestee -

    Use just enough chips to smell the smoke add a small handful at a time. See how that works for you. I like fruitwoods for smoke!

    Adb - I agree, but that doesn't mean you get no smoke flavor the rest of the time. Charcoal gives a bit of smokey taste all by itself. That being said, I use wood anytime the meats on the smoker unwrapped.
  6. ajthepoolman

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    If you must use chips, either soak them or wrap them in foil, or both if you are really having a challenge.

    As far as the pictures go, here in the US there is a program called Paint.NET that is a free image editor. If you can read English, then there shouldn't be a problem for you to use it!
  7. [​IMG] OK I'm ready to get hallored at but I think is you soak your wood chips before putting them on the coal that they have to dry out before they start smoking. I thint that just putting them in alumn. foil with a couple holws would be a better way. [​IMG] So be it
  8. [​IMG] Sorry about the spelling , Fat fingers and tiny keys [​IMG]

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