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Sep 26, 2006
Dontcha just love the new look, it seems so much brighter and "cleaner" somehow....and talk about speed.

I wanted to start a thread that brings up any differences that anyone's noticed.

I'm looking for a toolbar that allows you to underline, change fon size or color, etc.. Am I being computarede again?

Look under quick links....then click on edit options...at the bottom of that page, you will find an option of selecting from 3 different message editors...that should give you what you are looking for....I chose the standard ...and it seems to be a very full featured editor
If you haven't already...check thru all the other selections in your profile...you might want to make additional changes from the default settings this new board has selected...
I just went through all the options, chose standard, and there it was. Thanx for the help. I also noticed that I had to reset my email notification option.

Go to top of first page and click on UserCP
Then click on Edit Options

Change the options to your liking. If you want to change one back again you can always do that.

At the bottom of the Options page select the WYSIWYG option. This will give you access to
what you are wanting including Icons when you post
a reply

Hope this helps!
Naw, you're not being computarded again. I couldn't find the dang Smiley's and these guys helped me out PDQ!! Are these feller's great or what!!!
Or What!:lol:

Naw, just kidding.

Next question. I tried to use the spell check (right end of tool bar in the "reply to thread" window. It told me I had to download a program. I did that, tried to use spell check, and it told me again that I needed to download the same program. Anybody got the skinny on that?

I've seen it, but don't use it-awhile back I uploaded the google toolbar and it has a spell check on it that I use.

I know if we can figure out how to get the forum spell check to work, Buzzard will be a happy lad!! :p
I havnt tryd it owt yet, but Ill giv it a shot even tho I lernt to spel in skewl rilly good < before spell check>

I haven't tried it out yet, but Ill give it a shot even tho I learned to spell in skewl rilly good <after spell check>

I downloaded the ieSpell check, installed it and started a new browser. You can highlight the area you want spell checked and it works fine, but doesn't find everything as you can see. It doesn't find some grossly misspelled words or some punctuation errors.

If you are running Firefox it probably won't show up since it is labeled ieSpell check.

If you are running ie 7 then you will find that it is under your "tools" button also.

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