Wonderfull WV Cooking

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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Well fellers this was another wonderfull day in West Virginia.The smoker was full for seven hours.The weather was cool and a little overcast.Pork ribs,turkey,and five pounds of bolonga was the fare.That should be enough to feed this crew for a few days.This is a wonderfull time of the year ,the temps are cool, the trees are full of brilliant collars.and the smell of fall is in the air.What could be more perfect.Its "almost he
aven." Enjoy,David
Hi Dacdots,
I totally agree with you. This is the time of year that we can really enjoy. Just don't think what's coming in the next few months ..... for you. Here in north Florida, the tremendous heat and humidity have given way to a wonderful fall. We are enjoying what is in my mind, one of the best times of the year. October and April are simply wonderful. And in both cases, the fish are really turned on. So, not only in WVa but also in North Fla. life is good. I didn't have anyone coming this weekend so I didn't smoke anything. I think I'm going into withdrawal. I pulled out some frozen smoked chicken and it was great ...... but not as good as when it first came out of the smoker. Maybey next weekend I'll do some smok'en and also, perhaps some fishing. Hopefully this very unwelcome guest (Wilma) will have passed on by then. We don't have a problem but the seas are really up and not safe to go on. So here's to next weekend.

Hi guys,

I'm with you both all the way on that one. Fall is on of my favorite times of the year, even in NE Ohio.

My Sunday was pleasantly cool and mostly sunny. The smoker started off late saturday night with a (nearly) 9lb brisket which I baby sat through the night, and following one of the early am basting sessions, I tossed in a fattie and a roll each of sweet and hot & spicy italian sausage. Once the brisket came off and was wrapped and place in an insulated cooler to finish, I used the space to put in a pan of redskin potatoes that my wife had pre-nuked. A little butter and garlic to finish it off and my wifes' homeade cole slaw rounded things out. My in-laws showed up around 3:00pm, and man -oh-man did we ever feast!

What a great weekend.

Best wishes to all of our members in Florida. I hope this storm will pass on by and leave you all relatively unscathed.

Hi Brian,
We're fine up here in the panhandle. I haven't heard from Brother Jeff yet but I certainly hope all is well with him. How about it Florida Jeff ??? We'd sure like to hear from you.

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