Wish you all could hve been w/me today....

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We went to the BX at Peterson AFB and the old BX is closing and the new is already open. They were have a clearance sale to get rid of stuff so they dont have to move it. I saw this and that but I really didnt need anything I could see.....but then I went out into the garden area...OMG the BBQ area was like hitting the jackpot! Alot of stuff was still there and I was able to load up my cart with things I have been wanting for pennies on the dollar. There is still a ton of stuff there because I dont think the Airmen do alot of BBQing or smoking on base. There were even some smokers (about 10-12) left. They were the upright ones but huge, and about 5 ft tall. All marked down to 20.00 dollars. There were charcoal and propance ones. And all the accesories you could imagine. I got 2 more cast iron smoke boxes and a cast iron fajita warmer, digital temp gauges, skewers, I can even remember all I got...lol.
Wish you all could have been there!

Hey Lisa, what did I ever do to you? I live 1200 miles from Denver, diesel is $2.95 a gallon, I get 23 MPG, smokers are $20 at the base, I think I better just stay home and lose out on a GREAT buy! ha, thanks though, I am sure many people will benifit from your info. Terry
At those prices, buy it all up, take pics and put em up for sale! ou might could get a fair amount on e-bay.......
Heya, Lisa!

Sounds like you made out well! Were it up to me I would have just backed my pickup into the garden area and said fill'er up! Then bought a couple of Yard Sale signs on the way out!

Good score, Lisa!


PS Think they might have looked twice if I backed in a tri-axel? With State markings?
I thought about the eBay thing, but time someone would pay shipping, they could just go and buy one at WalMart :)

But believe me, I thought of each and everyone of you all!!

Too bad there wasnt a rally or something going on everyone was coming too, I could have hooked a bunch of you all up!!

You know what I like about you Lisa? The need for financial gain wasn't your first concern, helping others was!! Good for you sweetie!! God bless you!
I agree....it's just a dream we all have to do something like that, but the logistics would be a real pain.

I could use a few pairs of BDU's if they were selling them cheap...which I doubt.

Believe it or not.....I miss going to the BX.
You are sooo....... very welcome my dear! You, and those like you, are what makes this life so good!! I thank God every day for the gift, to all of us, for one such as your self!! Your a good girl!!! (I have to laugh, when I type, I have to talk, when I said, "your a good girl" my Reba, who is laying beside me, wagged her tail, now I have proably spoiled her!) ha, Terry
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