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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by outlaw44, Jul 14, 2010.

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    So, I'm going to be smoking some pork spare ribs this weekend and want to smoke some wings at the same time.  Most of the suggestions I have found here say to smoke the wings for an hour and a half or so at 275 or 300+.  But, I won't be able to do ribs at the same time at these high temps.  Has anyone smoked wings at a lower temp, like what would be used for ribs (225-240)?  If so, for about how long (to reach 165F)? 

    My understanding is that the 275 or 300+ for shorter times is to avoid rubbery skin on the wings.  My plan is to smoke 'em, sauce 'em and then grill 'em for a couple minutes.  If I smoke them at a lower temp then grill, this should take care of the rubbery effect from a lower temp smoke, right?  Or am I setting myself up for failure trying to smoke wings at rib temps?  [​IMG]
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    Smoke them at the same temp as the ribs, and follow-up the wings on the grill. This is a favorite way of smoking wings and not getting rubber like skin. BTW, keep the wings below the ribs, you don't want the chance of contaminating the ribs with drippings from the chicken wings during the smoke. Just a safety rule. 
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    Your plan will work fine many people grill them at the end to crisp the skin. Watch that you don't burn the sauce on the grill
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    What  Richoso said!

     i have smoked wings w/ lots of other stuff. Poultry allways on bottom.

    After smoking, unless i happen to have the grill fired up i give the wings to the wife and let her run them under the broiler to crisp them up.
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    @ Smoking gun:  I failed to mention I have an ECB Gourmet.  Thought about your idea while I was originally posting, but forgot to mention that I have a vertical smoker.  Great idea though. 
    Very good point.  I hadn't thought of this...yet. [​IMG]   Because I'll be using my Gourmet Brinkenstein, there is a very real possibility that this could have happen.  Good save, good save. 
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    Yeah you would want to put the wings on the bottom in your case. I think Rich has the best solution for you. Whatever you do smoked wings are great......enjoy!!!
  8. I am going to try doing Ribs and chicken breasts this weekend. Good Luck, may both our endeavors turn out tasty!
  9. I agree with everybody else.  Just throw em on there with the ribs.  I actually like the chewy skin on smoked chicken, but I'm just crazy like that.  You can crisp them right up over the fire at the end if you like.
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    Maybe I'm an idiot but aren't both meats raw either way so what does it matter which one is on top and bottom? One is gonna drip on the other either way and contaminate, so how can you cook both at same time ? I have been trying to figure out how I could smoke wings and ribs or beer can chicken and ribs at the same time on both racks on my WSM

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