Wild Turkey

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Feb 13, 2006
Chillicothe MO
Hello all, hope everyone had a great weekend. Ben had a lot of fun, he got a turkey while out hunting! This brings me to my question. I've read alot on here about smoking a domestic, butterball type turkey, but has anyone ever smoked a wild turkey? The main thing I'm concerned about is the fact that with wild turkeys you don't keep the skin when dressing it (from what I hear it's pretty nasty stuff). Without the skin on poultry I'm not sure how I would keep it moist in the smoker. The two things that immediatly come to mind are of course brining it (which I plan to do) and wrapping it in bacon. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them.
hi jlloyd

i havent tried this yet but as soon as i kill a turkey i am going to soak the turkey breast in buttermilk overnite wrap with bacon and smoke it tastes a lot like a butterball turkey hope this helps
Thanks Dutch,

The hunt was not as much of a challange as one may think. First off I killed a jake, which was in a group of 3 other jakes. They flew off of the roost and walked right toward my buddy and me. I had the trusty Winchester superX2 and my buddy had a bow. They were close before I could see a beard and waited to see if my buddy was ready, he could not draw so by this time they were real close. I shot it at 16 steps--they were 11 from from my buddy. Talk about exciting!!!! Can't wait to smoke it!!!!!!!
yo ben,
whats a super x 2---
a rifle or a shotgun??

is a step 3 feet??

how long and what choke is barrel if shotgun?

also what size pellets do you hunt turkey with??
Larry, the Winchester Super X2 is a semi-auto shotgun. As for the particulars of the gauge, barrel length and choke I'll let Ben answer them since it's his gun.
yo dutch,
that national turkey federation website
you posted-----its way cool!!

once again-
you have shared information

thank you!!!
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