wild turkey breasts...

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Original poster
Jul 5, 2007
I have 2 wild turkey breasts on the GOSM right now smothered with Jeff's rub. What temp do ya think I need to pull them at?? 165-170?? Thanks sjb3
Thanks, I think it turned out great. My friends really liked it also. The edges were alittle dry but the middle was moist and delish.. next time I think I will cut the breast in fingers and get them about the same size, thought about it halfway thru the smoke. Oh well lesson learned.
I've read as much about this as is listed on this site.  I didn't want to start yet another thread on this but I have a couple questions and the members of SMF have never let me down

I'm putting in a brine for 4 hours and then I'm covering the breast in bacon.  When I put it in the smoker do I want to put it in a foil tray?  I saw a pic and someone had their meat in a foil tray in the smoker.

I plan to take the breast to 160 and foil over it and sit out and assume the temp. will increase a little.  Do I want to put foil over it for say the last hour of smoking to help keep moist?

The foil tray is ok uncovered. The bacon should help to keep it from drying out without having to foil it while it's still in the smoker, and letting it rest/foiled will let the temp rise a little more. Good luck my friend.
Well I only have one pic from my Turkey smoke.  I must of deleted them.  Thats what I get for waiting so long before posting 

I smoked a full breast for a friend that owns a local archery shop and the other half of my Dads.  Forth time doing wild turkey breast.

I marinated the wild turkey breasts for 12 hours.  I rinsed and smoked it for 8 hours fully rapped in bacon!  Used the water pan as well.  After 6 hours I threw in a rump roast just for fun.

Pulled out at 165 rapped in foil till 170 and in the fridge it went. 

First time getting the perfect thin blue smoke the whole time!!  Also was the best yet!  I have the brine down so if anyone wants it just yet me know.  I only use it for Turkey though. 

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