wife of a smoker

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Jun 22, 2009
I dont know how many woman are on here, is there quite a few?

My husband declared that him and a buddy where building a smoker this past winter to pass the time. I wasnt thrilled at all and when he was gone for hours at a time I really wasnt thrilled. Now that the smoker is up and running and producing awesome food I'm warmed up to the idea alot more : ).

My first post is under the Fattie category. Post title Spinach Artichoke dip fattie. My husband told me to find something cool for them to smoke this past weekend so I found the fattie and pig candy. Got good reviews on both!
Becky, it's sure is a pleasure to have you join our family here-now if you can talk hubby into joining. . .

We have a number of ladys here at SMF, with several of them attaining membership in the Order of the Thin Blue Smoke and a couple of them are on the Moderator Staff

As for finding good eats here-well, all you need to do is pick a category such as Main dish, appetizers, side dish and dessert and you'll have a complete menu for a number of meals.

Looking forward to your continued participation here at SMF.

Welcome to SMF. There are quite a few ladies here that come up with some delicious smokes. Browse the forums,tons of ideas and recipes. If you can eat it, you can smoke it, so ideas are endless.
Welcome Becky!! You'll discover all kinds of fun, interesting, and great tasting recipes here. Not just recipes, but people lend their experiences to those just starting out. Warning! You will become addicted!!!
Aloha Becky,

Thanks for letting him work on the project. Could you ask him to post more pictures of the project smoker and tell us about it?

Welcome from another girl that loves to smoke.

This site is incredible and so are the people. Great advice and help along with all kinds of how-to's.

Welcome to SMF !!!
I (we) have charcoal/stick, propane and electric smokers. My wife has pretty much taking over our two MES smokers and she is also a member here at SMF. Plenty of female members here, now get your husband to join before us guys are out numbered !!!
Welcome Becky.
Just went back and looked at the pics you added of the fattie.
Looked great. Your husband is going to be thrilled you've found this site.
Glad you joined up. Looking forward to many more great smokes.
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