Wicked Baked Beans

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Apr 21, 2007
I'm not really sure where to put this so I'll post it here. I just did a couple of chuck roasts and a couple of spare ribs. I thought I'd throw some beans in there also cause I had some room left. Now being from TX. of course I went right for the pinto beans. But seeing how every time I try some thing new from here it always turns out GREAT. So I looked up that famous "wicked baked bean" recipe I heard so much about. "GREAT GOOPLEY GOOPS" Damn are they good. I have to be honest, I didn't think they would be that good. I WAS WRONG!!! YOU DA MAN Dutch. Even my wife who HATES beans, (yes she's not from TX, she's from Philly). like them. It took a lot of .. come on darling just try a little ...but she really loved them. If any body hasn't tried these yet, do yourself a favor and try them.
i make them all the time. i try variations too. i use canned diced jalapenos instead of dicing up a fresh one.
I have to be honest.I didn't make them myself.Dolores did.And Iasked her a couple of times if she followed the recipe exactly and she said "yes".I personally thought they could have used more heat,but I like it hot,and I also thought they were so sweet that I couldn't taste the beans.Now like I said I didn't make them myself.I'm going to give them another try by my own hand.
Michael: where can I find the recipe for "wicked baked beans" ? I can't find 'em...........
Camocook try leaving some of the seeds or viens in the japaleno's, that'll kick it up a notch.
I too love the "Wicked Baked Beans". Did you do anything special to your chuck roasts? What smoke and temps did you use? This is my next to do for the 1st time.
Tulsa Jeff's GGSA, temp. was 225, for 5 hours, hickory & mesquite. Took them off @160............BUt those beans was the big hit In my opinion.
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