Wicked Baked Beans

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Oct 22, 2006
I just pulled my first batch of Wicked Baked Beans out of the oven. I got to say that these are fantastic. My wife likes them as well. I think we have a winner with this recipe. Cant wait for my brisket to be finished so I can eat. Going to give the brisket another hr in the blanket lined cooler. I hope it comes out as good as the beans did. I think I am going to like this forum and learn alot from everyone. thanks

Glad the beans are a hit with the family, Mike. Seems like whenever the family finds out it's Que for supper, they ask "Wicked beans, too?"
Dutch, I already owe you a big thanks. I smoked a brisket using your sticky note techniques and then made up some fantastic Wicked Baked Beans. The brisket was many times better than my other attempts and I will keep raving over those beans.. I did marinade the brisket over nite which Im sure helped and then coated it with mustard and then put on some rub I made up. My wife was even impressed with what I made.. This is one great site to be on to learn about smoking..

It's one of the things that SMF is all about!! Glad we had a hand in helping you out, Mike!
I thought I hated baked beans until I tried Dutch's.
OK Dutch, you caught me. I have so many bean recipes that I kinda passed over you Wicked Beans recipe the other day.

I've seen enough on this thread that I suppose i'm going to have to try some. Can you post the thread so I can print off the recipe?

Jamie, Thanks for posting the link.

Tim, Hope you enjoy them!
Yeah, see what you did Dutch, I was going to hunt all weekend, and now I'm going to end up slaving over a hot smoker all day Saturday . I mean, I can't fire up the big pipe and just only cook beans so.....I'm told we're low on spares, brisket, pulled butt, and sliced picnic in the freezer. I gues the nice thing is, I don't have toget up as early in the a.m. to cook as I do to go hunting!
Another plus to all this Tim, besides filling up the fridge and freezer, is you're less likely to get lost!! :P Enjoy your weekend.
:lol: Just remember, It's safer to go hunting with Dick Cheney than to go for a ride with Teddy Kennedy! :lol:
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