Why no Gifs, Jeff, if they’re small?

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What & where are you trying to post? Maybe we can help.


The animated smileys that we use are gifs and I just did a test with the cow.

PNG's can also be animated and my smoker Avatar is a PNG file type.
Well, I was going to use a gif I had created, and I did as I always do on other forums like MOH (game) but my gif gave me an error box when moving about topics, although I tested the same avatar in other forums (it functioned properly). Then when I read instructions in profile, it said gifs not acceptable format (?????)Curious :( :?: :?
Guess I didn't have a problem 'cause I didn't read the instructions. :lol:

Looks like you got it working. :D I like the animation! 8)
Yeah! Weird…it works fine now, musta been a glitch. Now Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m gonna make my real ECB smoke me up some Jalapeno/Beef/Cheese Stick (Friday), Goose Breast (Saturday), and some Apple Butter baby backs (Sunday).


Film at 11
Gee, and here I thought Up in Smoke was going to smoke film at 11:00 :shock: :P
No Dutch, you pan film and see how things develop! Poor Dutch, just turned 1/2 century and heâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s starting to slip already
Ended up only doing a butt Friday, and canadian bacon Monday, thereâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s always tomorrow, gents (& ladies)

Question, How long does sheeps casing keep in fridge?
Question, How long does sheeps casing keep in fridge?

If Salted, they can last a long time .. I have some from 6 months ago .. still like new .. :) Like i said .. if they are covered in salt, they can last a long time .

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