Why doesn't Chargriller make mods in design

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Sep 26, 2006
If the folks @ Chargriller know that their units are going to need mods once in the field, why don't they make design corrections? If it's a price point thing, why don't they offer both options?

I mean it's enough to have to put the unit together, but then when the anxious new owner tries to use it , he discovers that the work has just begun.

I really think questions from new Chargriller owners are one of the most common things we see here.

Maybe we should start a company called Charsmoker, copy their unit, make the design mods and put them out of business.

Anybody up for it?

Smoke on Bro,
As I read all the mods on this forum that are necessary to get these smokers to work correctly, I wonder why any of them don't come with the mods. I think that when the R&D department tests these things, conditions are probably perfect. That or they R&D them on a computer. That seems to be the big thing now.
Why not just make the modified items and sell them on a rack in the grill section. Buyers will catch on sooner or later.
i am actually looking into making my own line of smokers (buzzard's bbq smokers). i just have to finish getting all the numbers together and location. the bad thing is, im getting started at bad time for the season, i needed to start about 3 months ago. but i like your idea of a starter smoker and cheep upgrades. let them know up front what they need to do then give them a break on a quick mod. i think it is how we all started.

i am just thinking it is hard to beat 150 for a starter smoker. maybe i can be there just for cheep mod work.
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