Why Do U Smoke-BBQ

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Original poster
Mar 21, 2007
i am new to it all i started last year with some ribs and really enjoyed it have been thinkin latley about gettin into some compatisions what are some of the rewards from that? i enjoy cookin on the grill every night but never enjoy the food most time get to drunk but my ribs are real good just wondered about the rewards from the comps
Not sure I understand the question? But that's not too unusual for me.

I love to cook the food and drink the beer and munch on little pieces as they get done (that will help you not get too drunk also
), but the best part to me is watching everyone else enjoy the food. Just to see the look on their face when they taste my sauce or some new rub on a piece of meat is great. Sometimes the look is a look of shock
but it's always entertaining.
thats pretty much my ? i enjoy that 2 watchin everybody else enojoy my food hasnt happened much all ways burn lol whats up with the contest is there ever prizes other than a trophy and how would i go about lookin into that
Couldn't agree more with you Cajun!!!

As far as competition is concerned there are cash prizes, but the cost to compete can be expensive with all the set up and travel costs....soooo basically it's knowing that your the best in a large field of competitors...and of course bragging rights.
I think the glory in competing is more bragging rights than anything. Especially if the winner is a q-joint owner. And the payout is pretty darn good.
I smoke because it keeps me home and out of trouble. I used to have a bad habit of hitting the deer woods or the lake for a few days and not telling the wife or calling. She put a stop to that a couple years ago, when I came home and couldn't find her or the kids.
I don't care about competing or anything, i do it because we like it, love it......and it's fun. for me it's more then seeing the smoke, it's acutally making sausage or curing meat and caring for it and turning it into something that is wonderful and that eveyone loves.....sure, competition would be cool, but me.....I'd fire my smoker up, bring the brew kettle up and make some, drink some, and also.....dust off the guitars and fire up the amps and have a hell of a time........

its more about having a good time then competing, imho.......good food, good friends, good music, good times.......rain or shine!!!
I do it because I love smoking & grilling.I also love to see the faces of whoever eats the food I cook.I use to fish bass competions.Was always on the water,either fishing for fun or competing.I loved it,but it also was very stressful for me.Had a big bass boat,& would fly acroos the water at 60 miles per hr.Even lost some friends over fishing.We'd be fishing for fun,but you'd think I was in the biggest competion.Sold everything.Now I have a big black CG.& a grill.Only one I compete with now ,is me.LOL
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