why do most pick beef

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Feb 1, 2006
Sulphur Springs, Ar. 72768
Why do most people pick beef over pork as in beef is more dry, pork is more moist and taste the best with good flavor when I run the wagon I ran out of beef, but got pork. some say they don't eat pork because they (hog) eat dirt. what you think
dunno about the pigs eating dirt... I've seen them lazing around in it, never eating it... but heck, I ain't no pig farmer...

Drag your wagon out to the Carolina's or Alabama, and I bet you'd be selling more pork! Must just be a regional thing... Most everybody here requests briskets from me... That is until they try my pork butts! Then they usually want one of each... hehe...

If you're talkin' about ribs, most folks around here would choose pork. But if you're asking about chopped beef or a pulled pork sandwich the beef would sell first. Brisket is a big item around here.
hope to head that way soon but only to Alabama it shorter than driving all the way to the east beside been that on that long drive but no more.

That the way it here too, but when I go south of here I sell more pork so it just different any where you go and hard to say either smoke more beef or pork
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