Why Didn't I Get One Sooner ???

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Sep 16, 2006
Did my seasoning this morning. Manual says 125* for a couple of hours. Could never it it that low, even with the control turned all the way to low and barely had the propane bottle cracked open. Steadied at about 190*. Smoked the whole 2 hours with hickory /apple chunks.
Did you have water in the pan and the vents all the way open? Mine would never run at 125, but would sit at about 150 with the gas on low. Also the built in thermo may not be calibrated right. I used a digital probe to check mine.

Hope this helps.

Mine only has the top vent...wide open. Digital thermo thru the vent, plus 2 oven thermos inside. Noticed the stock thermo was off. Manual says it can be adjusted. Water pan had water within 1" from the top. Might have to start some mods on this, but at that temp I am happy. A little fine tuning and I see many butts and pork shoulders in the future.
Thanks meowey... Thin blue smoke during the whole seasoning.
I've found with nothing in the GOSM the temp dose run higher. It sounds like you have the same one I have. I am thinking about adding a vent on the side near the bottom. When mine is full of meat, Did 4 yard birds and a 10# pork roast, ran the Control Just below MED and maintained a temp of 225 to 235 all day. Just My .02
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