whos a nascar fan here?

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May 2, 2007
I like JR but tony's in there and i like michele waltrip, just wish waltrip was in more races this season.
bush brs keep knocking each other out so thats a race for two there.

i think this pablo mentoya is going to be a good risk for the 2008 season maby even this season but i doubt it but hies good.
I cant get into nascar.... Go fast turn left Go fast turn left Go fast turn left Go fast turn left, I like Formula 1 racing, but to each their own
I'll second that .....like watching paint dry....IMO
If paint went 200 mph and got in wrecks, then yes its like watching paint dry.

And like everyone else Im a huge Jr and Tony Stewart fan. I have several Chevy Racing hats and people always tell me that they never see me without one on!
if ya ever been to the 3 day party @ talladega & sat in the first 20 rows & had the beer sucked clean outta yer cup from the g forces or played in the infield fer a wkend... ya would get it. ya just gotta go to t-dega fer the 3 day tailgate- i guarantee. but then again i grew up w/ terry & bobby labonte in our home town & my dad was building cars before i was born & as a kid .. slept through 125 car 1/4 mile "australian heats" ... it's in the blood.....
Pick one or get off the pot!!!!! JR or TONY but you can't like both. To me it is like saying " if the Cubs don't win I'll take the White Sox" different division's and sides of the river!!

For those oy you that haved not been to a Nascar race , I quess it is like watching paint dry, but once you have been and felt those cars go by @ 200 mph plus I think you might just change your mind. At the very least it is very
ps i hate the redskins(boyz fan- yeah i'm from texas) but i love joe gibbs racing- go #20- almost painted my pit chevy high heat engine block orange jj(#18) is getting better & #99 carl edwards just rocks fer a backflipping kid. now kyle petty has always just been a good person. but that texaco car#42- juan "crash everybody but me" montoya- thats a flywing(indy) rookie menace. oops (me & my opinions)
gypsy, don't chit yourself about Montoya, the cup boyz have the privilege to drive with one of the worlds greatest drivers. how many of our cup drivers could tackle F1, it sure wasn't a Gordon. and if you heard Stewarts take on Montoya after the weekend in Eldora, you would have a resprct for him.
There are racers and there are people who watch. We're into 7 second, 3.5g blitzes that make you lose your vision for the first 2.5 seconds.....but we're in it, not talkin' about it. THAT, my friend, will suck the beer outta yer cup.
Hellyeah boat drags are cool. We host one of the World Championship Offshore Powerboat races, our favorite is Thunder Marine's cat with four big blocks all spinning full throttle. You can hear her for miles. Man, to be the throttleman for that boat! This is a cute little LT-1 block I'm slipping into my old Silverado. 500 dyno HP into a 700R4 tranny. Should be able to get a little squeak out of the tires.
I'll say. I gotta an '88 Silverado sitting in my garage waiting on me to figure out what to with her.

The Liquid Quarter Mile I'm talking about is for 20 footers. While I'd like to be the throttleman on one of thos offshore mods, I can't even begin to think about the cost. The little 20 footers are a poor mans sport. You can spend a lot making them fast, but for around $20K you can do pretty well for yourself, depending upon what class your in. Check this link:
http://www.smokininthecove.com/Home_Page.php for what I'm talking about.

And how in the world did you post that pic in the body of the message instead of an attachment like below?
I'm a NASCAR fan but I also follow the NHRA (qualifying a 4pm eastern today)
To be truthful I will watch anything with a engine that goes fast on land or sea
texan, you have to have your photos in a hosting site like http://photobucket.com/, its free. Then when you post a message you just click on the image icon( looks like a mountain) and put in the URL link and it will be in your post. Hope this makes sense.
i see your a true fan of nascar, and NICE engine there, what is that a GERTER engine?
we might of had some bad words along time ago but i like ya, well anyone with an engine like that is a good guy
i wish i had something like that back when i was in high school for my car back in the mid 80's.
ive been wanting to make amends and i felt bad too, sorry man.

so how about JEFF GORDEN going up or going down after the new baby has arived?
Ya mon. I'm a drag fan, not really NASCAR, but I like anything that goes fast. This is what I got done today. The gear driven timing is not in this pic.
that is one sweet sweet looking moter there, what kind of horse power is that puttng out/

for the rest of you guys the nascar race is tonight 7pm central time, boo gorden hies a mama man now with a baby to raise
he wont give it hies all now.
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