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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bart69, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. hello everybody
    Couple of weeks ago i smoked 10 kilo of ribs at my girl friends birthday ,used jeff,s rub and everybody loved em.Today one of my friends who was at the party called me and told me he had a surprise for me ,he bought me a whole (baby) pig about 9 kilo,s .I am very excited about smoking it ,i was thinking jeff,s rub again but i don,t have a clue about temperatures and smoking time .I was hoping you guys could help me out.
  2. sixpack

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    9 kilos is about 20 lbs. I would run temps at about 250 It will probably take about 10 hrs. Make sure to get meat temp to about 160 and you'll be fine. Good luck
  3. pitrow

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    I can't really help you out with the temp and time thing but this might interest you for the rub. I was down at my parents place (mom is Dutch) a couple weeks ago for my mom's b-day party and we were smoking some spareribs, they didn't have a whole lot of spices in the pantry to make a rub so I ended up sprinkling them liberally with kip kruiden (Verstegen brand) (there was maybe a tablespoon of varkensvlees kruiden left or I would have used that) they turned out great and everyone raved about them. Anyway, you might give that a shot.

    Hope your pig roast turns out good!
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    My son & I did this one. 37lbs. dressed out & head removed. Took 10 hours @ 250, internal was 165. Skin up, then flipped over & Carolina sauce added. Cooked for another 45 min to an hour. Pulled & served. Right tasty!
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    Might ask fiddler. He's a pig guy [​IMG]
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    I roast/smoke at 300-350 degrees in my PR-60 pig roaster.Instructions when i first started(few years back) called for 40 pounds charcoal for 80 pounds pig, 80 pounds for 160 pound pig.This has worked for me, but this is a pig roaster, much hotter temps then the fellas smoking at low heat.I cook to 170-180 in shoulder.I think that smaller pig would be good practice, and butterfying the pig would give you more even cook,flipping at mid-point, if inexperienced.Good Luck.Let us know how it goes.
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    Forgot to mention, at 300- 350 degree, i cook a 80 pounder for 6-7 hours on average.My unit funnels the fat away and keeps it off the coals, you can burn them up(start a fat fire) pretty easy at these temps.
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  9. slanted88

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    Yeah I agree, Better be on your toes & mind whats on. Flame, overtemp, & not what ya thought.
  10. thanks guys for all the information .great site might give it a try next summer cuban style .
    pitrow it,s funny you mentioned verstegen ,i live about 5 miles from their factory ,btw tell your mom :de groeten uit holland.

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