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Who is your favorite football team?


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NFL: The Jaguars
If your not sure which one I like more it's the Gators


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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
was a chiefs fan some years ago


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keep hating

COWBOYS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Unfortunately I was raised on the Raiders
.... needless to say been many, many years of dissapointment... lol.

Miss the old school Oakland Raiders... didn't win much but the games were always interesting... heh-heh.


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Sydney Swans!!!!!. Go SWANS!!

Or Manchester United.


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Maybe-''Vics an eagle,so hide your beagle.........''


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Ugh, I so severely hate this time of the year, especially now that I live in the State College town. Huskers, sadly enough, is NOT my favorite team, oh pity shame. Football in general as well as any and all college or pro sports or sports in general are not allowed in my house on any of my TVs. If i'm going to waste time yelling and screaming at what goes on watching television, i'd rather be screaming at my kids for not starting an IV right or not getting a certain fighting position down right.

Sports in general, are pure boredom and have no place anywhere in life except to suck the lives out of people. I'd rather sit and watch (front row preferably) two people just beating the ever living crap out of each other and guessing on who's going to walk away and who won't, now that's a sport meant to be played, only one rule, survive.

A little demented and off kilter I know, but I often like showing the other side of these otherwise happy go lucky threads.


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I'll stick with :

The Eagles ----aaaannndddd, whoever's playing Dallas.


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No one showing the Raider love, huh?

Proud card carrying member of Raider Nation.

Yes, right here in Chicago!!


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Not everyone got picked for kickball. It's ok if you need a shoulder to cry on.

the iceman

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Let me think...

Let's talk about winning percentages among teams with more than one win in the Super Bowl.

First we have the Broncos at a percentage of .333 & the Dolphins at .400, not so good. Then we have the Patriots winning half at .500.

Ok, now we move into actual "winning" percentages with the Raiders & the Redskins at .600, getting better. Next we have the Cowpies at .625 & the Colts at .667 & the Packers & Giants at .750, still not good enough.

Finally we get to the top two winning percentages among multiple Super Bowl winners. First runner up would be the Pittsburgh Steelers with a percentage of .857. Pretty damn good by any measure but still not the best.

And who is No. 1 you ask??? Well of course it is the...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

That's right, batting a thousand it's the 5-0...



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Sorry Helljack6 but I would have to state my favorite College team would be the Nebraska Huskers. Growing up in Iowa, Hayden Fry only had 4 plays, run right, run left, oops, and punt.
For Professional, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been a favorite, one cause they where the team in the 70's when I was easily impressionable and they are one that doesn't seem to cave to the ever growing Ego that so many players have.
Good luck to all of you on your sunday rituals.....hopefully I will find the time to go one on one with my smoker. Nobody looses in that game.

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