Who is that?

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Smoking Fanatic
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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
Who is the guy in the fruit-of-the-loom gray t-shirt eating a rib at the top of the page?

If that ain't a farmer I don't know what is! White forehead, tan face. T-shirt w/pocket.!!! Darn you'd fit right in w/me!
I like the blue t's though.

Sweaty cuss aren't ya!

I bet you also wear western shirts w/snaps! If so, you may be my long lost brother! ...........just not ugly enough!!!

Let me know, I think I have an idea...........
That would be Shortone he is getting a taste of the ribs with SmokyOky.
Shortone?!?!!! Shortone what?

Guess I was off a bit.

Good look'n guys...........if I were into that.
Ha ha Al you turd. I work for a grain elev., fertilizer, and ag chemical business. Had been spraying prior to gathering, drive tender truck. By the way, you been looking in my closet. I think it is nice to meet you, I think. Also come from a farming background.
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