Who cooking show do you never miss?

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Nov 2, 2006
Another thread got me to wondering who the more popular 'personalities' are. The shows/cooks that make my tivo list are:

License to Grill/Robert Rainford -- He cooks outside, uses real down to earth methods and tools, isn't all show, posts his recipies, and seems like he'd be very welcome at any of my bbq parties.

boy meets grill, bbq with, foodnation/Bobby Flay -- Cooks mostly outside, uses mostly down to earth methods and tools (would love to have his Viking stuff), has some professional insight into his methods, and seems like he would get along with my crowd.

Occasional watches are :

Rachael Ray -- Funny girl, not hard on the eyes (sorry ladies), has some pretty good recipies and ideas, cooks outside sometimes, but usually makes something I'd be interested in eating/trying to cook.

There are some others, but alas, it's time to leave the office :)

I'm afraid I never remember to watch anything regularly.

But if happen to I see it I love Lidia Matticchio Bastianich! She reminds me so much of my Mama! She makes food like I grew up on and talks like my Mama's family with that neat accent.

I also like Rachel Ray she's a trip sometimes. Sometimes I get good ideas for supper when I really don't feel like cooking.

For a Non Italain ...

I used to watch Justin Wilson every Sunday but they don't show him anymore I think he may have passed on. Boy he knew how to make somethig hot!

Justin Wilson was a hoot, I'd watch him every chance I got-even the repeats. Always got a kick out of his Turduckin. He's also the first person I saw deep fry a turkey. Guess the Good Lord needed some good cajun cooking 'cuse He called Justin home on Sept. 5th, 2001.
YOUR KIDDING....man we love Alton, also try not to miss Tyler Florance as well......at least the food 911

guess you don't get foodtv debi
Jesse kind of keeps theTV going mostly Animal Planet and CSI Las Vegas. I don't keep up with TV everytime I find something i like they either keep moving it so I don't see it again or it gets canceled.

I do like cooking shows but I rarely control the TV unless I'm bored to death!
I'm usually on the computer anyway!

I also loved Justin Wilson. I have to say he probably inspired me to get off my duff and start cooking for myself. Now that he has passed I watch Alton, Emeril and most anyone except Paula Deen
. I just can't take that put on accent.
what about those two jerk kids of hers as well????? man their accents are just as bad and fake.....

oh yea, gotta throw props to rachel ray also....she really is easy going on the eyes....but I can say that because momma ain't paying attention right now
steve raichlen's bbq university, it's more on the grilling side but there are plenty of pointers and recipes..it hasn't been on for while don't know if it's a seasonal show or what but it gave me the push for the smoking fever

I didn't think you were smoking I've done some strange things like that myself. My first smoker for cheese and Jerky was a cardboard box, a tin pie pan and an incandesent light bulb! It worked well too. I think I read it in Mother Earth News back in the 70's

We do what we gotta do!

being canadian i started watching Graham Kerr, Ken Kostick,and Martin & Steve Yan THEN we got Food Network..lol

Graham Kerr showed me how to make an awesome omelotte...separate the eggs...beat egg whites until stiff(like a merange),fold in egg yolks etc.... put in frying pan... put in some smoked salmon and fold back over..(hey i was 12 and my mom loved it..lol)

now of course it would Alton Brown, Tyler Florence, Emeril, and of course Giada De Laurentiis cuz she is hotter than whats her name, EVOO lady oh yah her..lol
Lidia Matticchio Rocks!!! Got her "Lidia's Family Table" book for Christmas and love it!!
I Catch her on PBS whenever I can.

Alton brown is great as well as the Ina Garten the 'Barefoot Contessa'
I am one who has to say that Justin Wilson was the king of cooking shows. Rachael Ray does have some good shows on quick and cheap meals, and some nice places to go and visit. And for the times that i grill, i have taken some hints from Bobby Flay. These are just my thoughts.

Debi - Mother Earth News! Wow! That brings back memories.

I go with Alton Brown & Good Eats. I've tried several of his recipes and all are super.
He had the cajones to throw his leg over a scoot and take the big ride looking for real food along the way (found some great eats too!). Laid it down and survived, he wears proper riding attire or he would not have, kept riding. I like that.
I really like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on the Travel Channel. Not your typical cooking show, but he's very entertaining. I also watch Alton Brown, Emmeril, Bobby Flay.....and of course Giada. :)
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