Where's Dutch been

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That's right. Rodger!

Our Grand Knight has been well tasked by his paying occupation. Refer to the last induction in the O T B S thread all will be clear. He will be back and in full swing soon!

I'm here, I'm here!! I actually got the project done a couple of days early. I've done got myself laid up again. Took a bit of a tumble Sunday afternoon and ended up tearing the rotator cuff in the right shoulder. Being as I'm right handed, typing right now REALLY bites as I'm supposed to keep the arm in a sling.
Thank heavens for Lortab, naproxen and ice packs!!
Praying for your fast and complete recovery! Naproxen got me through the crap I had a while back when I tore my plantar faciliitis!

Best wishes
Dutch -
Sorry to hear about your accident. We don't heal like we used to ya know!

Wishing you a speedy recovery - we miss you!

Big Hugs!
Dutch, sorry to hear about your injury. It really bites. Tore mine a few years back. Just make sure you wear user friendly clothes, it will get better. They did surgery on mine, it was a b****. Had to sleep sitting up for about three weeks. If I laid down it was only about 1/2 hr. and it felt like some one was hitting my shoulder with an 8 lb. maul. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Shortone, That's about how it is now when trying to sleep. I see the Orthepedic Surgeon on Monday.

Thanks all for your well wishes.
i had the same problem in my left shoulder, took a fall one day on some hidden ice under a fresh snow fall, the very next week did it all over again....

just dont let then inject cortizone into you... bad bad bad very bad idea..lol
That really sucks Dutch! ... When I had a sore shoulder, my doctor sent me for an ultrasound (fortunately negative) and explained that if it was torn the surgery is more painful than the tear.

Got my fingers crossed for you that is only a strain ... not to minimalize your discomfort Bud ..... hang in there!
Yikes!!! Sorry to hear that Dutch. I hope the Orthepedic Surgeon has some good news for you on Monday. Let us know. Until then take it slow and feel better.
I will keep you in my prayers Dutch. Hope the news Monday is good and that your recovery is short. I know that this is a terrible time of year to be laid up. Take care my friend.
Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you recover without any problems. I too was missing you on the ol' forum. God bless.

Well glad you're back, but sorry about the injury (old football injury?). Hope everything goes well for you!
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