Where do smokers go to die?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by rob989_69, Aug 1, 2008.

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    I'm looking for a propane smoker, preferably a GOSM big block or Smoke Vault 24" but really any size will do. Preferably something in rough shape. I don't actually need it to work because I'm using this for a project where I'm building a cold smoker.

    I'd be interested in pretty much any block style propane smoker out there. Even the smaller brinkman charcoal block syle would do.

    I've been watching craigslist in my area but I've found nothing.

    I'd be willing to pay shipping if it's reasonable.
  2. craigslist, ebay,traderonline to start. Also if you're just building a cold smoker look for used/non-working commercial fridges and freezers, just make sure if it has any plastic in it that you remove it first. If all else fails, build the smokehouse out of wood. It will work fine and as long as you don't intend to hot smoke, it won't catch fire.
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    Old smokers never die they just waft away
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    Being an 18yr veteran of the trash biz, you should check your local dpw "dept of public work's" yard and go through the large dumpster they put the metal in. for that matter check all the local dpw yards in your area and check town schedules for metal pickups.
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    Dirtman, I like the way you think. Done a little dirt myself.

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