where can I find accesories??

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by outdoorfool, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. outdoorfool

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    Hello all,, like i said last week been reading this site for a couple weeks.. You all have my mouth waterring with these pictures!!!

    This past sunday I finally got around too assembling the smoker I was given as a gift. Its a Kingsford smoker/grill.. Much too my dismay there is no side firebox that comes with this unit! A card in the box says it is available.. I cant find it anywhere! anyone have any idea where I can find this part,, or are there other ones that are compatible too this grill? This grill is identical too the char-griller..

    Other that this it seems very well made,, its super heavy duty and fits together beautiful... please help me out,, i really want too try out some of these things you all are making!!
  2. earache_my_eye

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    I'm no expert on the char-griller, but if this rig is identical, I would think that you should be able to pick up the sfb for a char-griller and you'd be in business!
    From what I understand, the sfb is an option on the char-griller as well, so, it's possible that your rig was built for Kingsford by the same company that builds the char-griller series of smokers.
  3. kookie

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    Check out the manufacures website or call them.............I just bought one for my char-griller at Menards for 50 bucks, but you can order them from char-griller's website for 60 plus shipping..........I see sam's club sells kingsford smokers/grills and that they are made by Masterbuilt so try those two places and go from there.......Just to let you know with Char-Griller you have to buy the sfb serpatly also............Hope that helps...........
  4. outdoorfool

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    You all are fantastic!!! Within 20 minutes you find what im looking for!!![​IMG]

    Im growing too love this site!!!

    thanks a bunch!

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