Where can i buy a spray bottle?

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I have seen them at Walmart.. you can also get them at amazon.com by looking up spray bottle in the search function.

You might also try a local garden center or even a beauty salon/supply store since they use spray bottles frequently.
supermarkets carry them also i bought mine at publix. mine has pictures of pets and plants on it. and you also live in jacksonville so you shouldnt have a problem
yup wal-mart, publix, dollar store, and yes we here in jacksonville have a BJ's.
and you said you looked everywhere. ;)
I use the kitchen pump sprayers they send out a fine mist like an areasol can without propelants. I love em! I have one for water (for bread) one for olive oil (general cooking and baking) and one for apple juice (for Qing).

I think I got mine at Bed and Bath. Great for spraying things you would normally fry with a touch of oil to get that fried taste when baking with almost no oil.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making me feel like a grade A idiot hahah. I guess i overlooked them in publix, im kind of goofy like that hahah. Anyways, i will search again today, if i dont find one in the supermarket, ill chek the dollar store.. Thanks everyone. P.S. After i get this spray bottle, i honestly might be making the best "Q" in human history.... im sweet like that
Hey! It's the least we could do

No seriously... in THIS forum, no questions are stupid.. ok, maybe a few but none relating to smoking meat from folks who are wanting to learn this fine art.

Ask away!
I'd be carefully buying these, you have to dedicate some of the time solely to the wash and drying if these bottles to keep them working....o want a good bottle that I can keep from molding and is easy to clean and store.....thay has to be out there. . Oh and it doesn't freaking LEAK!
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