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    I bought a brisket and a couple of chickens the other day and was going smoke them tonight. I was going to throw the brisket on about 11 tonight. What time should I put the chicken on for them to come out at about 1 pm? Thanks for all the help.

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    What You cooking them on...(Cooker Type)

    Important thing is temp my friend. If you over cook yur birds they gonna be dry so make sure you got a probe in those cluckers and cook to about 165 but to answer yur question about 4 hours at around 250.......Now

    I like my birds cooked at a high temp myself, gets the skin nice a crispy. I cook mine in the 275 - 300 range but I dont watch the time much. My phylosophy is they are done when they get done and thats on everything except my ribs...321
    Whole Chicken250°F4 hours167 degrees
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    Thanks for the help. I'll post pictures whenever everything is done.
    See you tomorrow.

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