When is the Best Time for Chat Gatherings

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Best Time for Official Weekly SMF Chat Gathering - Multiple Answers Allowed

  • Sunday Evening

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  • Monday Evening

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  • Tuesday Evening

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  • Wednesday Evening

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  • Thursday Evening

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  • Friday Evening

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  • Saturday Evening

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  • A Different Day

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Jun 28, 2005
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I heard someone mention this the other day and thought it might be nice to get a consensus on this although ultimately folks can group anytime they so choose.

I will start a poll to try and determine the time that is best for the 'Official SMF Chat" and if nothing else you guys can use that to determine what would be best.

The poll will allow you to choose a day.. we will assume late evening as the official time of day the chat will be held.

I will not promise to always be there since, like some of you, my schedule gets a little hairy sometimes but I will make a concerted effort

Just a tip for those who don't know.. the new chat has quite a few options. If someones text is too dark you can click on options to change your background to make it more readable.

You can also click on the usernames at the right and select private chat to have a "side" chat with someone if you so choose. This is especially great if you have something off topic to say or just want to say something to an individual and not the entire group.

Those of you who have been using it.. feel free to chime in on other goodies you have found in the chat area to help the newbies along.

In case you have not noticed.. on the right side of the home page we now have a chat Information box that shows all rooms and who is available in each one. In the forums area this box is located on the left side about halfway down the page.

by the way.. I just had another bright idea

You guys could hit a different topic each week and we could advertise in the Events box that Chat will be Friday night at 8 Pm or whatever and we will be discussing "How to Smoke Tender Ribs" or other topic of someones choosing.

If anyone is interested in hosting the chat, I think it would be a great idea to have a different host each week. Someone who would make sure things stayed on course and kind of took the reins for the evening in the chat room.

It is obvious that I am rambling here.. please forgive me! I just had some ideas pop into my head and thought I would just sling 'em out there and see what happened.
Noticed a Mod Chat in there too Jeff, but it asks for a password- Any more info on that? Maybe this should be addressed in the Moderator's Forum.

I think the idea of having a topic of the week chat is a good one, advertise it a couple days in advance and anyone who is interested in that weeks topic can join in at the designated date/time.

Jeff, btw I was wondering what "different day" would be since monday thru sunday is listed??
I figure as far reaching as this forum goes.. there may be another planet listening in who has more than 7 days

Trying to not miss anyone

ok.. coming clean now.. my sad attempt at some "dry" humor as my wife calls it.
What about those of us that can only chat during the daytime hours on weekdays? All I saw in the way of options was evenings. Surely with all our members, someone else would prefer daytime chat.

I feel so left out

I understand that there are probably some that can only participate during the day... my suggestion is for you to volunteer to host a weekly chat session during a time that is good for the daytime group.

I had to pay $5 for that chat script (seriously) and by golly we need to use it for all it's worth!

I have no problem with anyone hosting a chat session.. that is what it is there for.

The Official SMF Weekly Chat Session will favor a time that is best for the majority of the users which seems to be evening from what I have seen over the past few months.
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