What's your occupation?

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I very much enjoyed the occupation, but the time it takes from you each and every day was more than I wanted taken from my family life; or even my personal interests. I have too many hobbies for that occupation.
buzzard, don't let the IOWA thing distort any conclusion that be made on us, we have dictionaries and spell check on our computers. My spelling was meant in "jest" ,after seeing your avatar, I for one would have thought you would have interpreted it that way.

How far do you actually think a Licensed Master Electrician and business owner specializing in automation and controls with the inability to spell close enough to fool the common eye get?

And besides, that jestful spelling took a bit to screw it up that bad.

It seems every time i post a part of my occupation(controls spe******t), something hits the fan.
I deal in underground condo's
or I am called ***'t Sexton
AKA Gravedigger
Good luck and Good Smoking
For the past eight years I have been a Firefighter/Paramedic in the "busy" areas around metro Atlanta. I guess I will keep it up until my BBQ business takes off. LOL My wife is convinced that I bought the Lang to cook at the firehouse.
RETIRED--- Which translates into smoking meat on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or any other day of the week.
I retired from Club Car as the International Technical Manager. I spent too much time in airplanes and too little time at home.
I hated the traveling. That why I quit as a professional musican. Too much travel.

Oh, by the way, when I retired, I bought a new 40' diesel motor-home.
Now I travel a lot. (go figure)

Still Smokin'
Let me know when you get a Que joint up and running round these parts. Right now my two favorites are Fresh Air and then the original Shanes. Harolds used to have some good stew but I haven't been in years.
Been working in the computer business for most of my life in one way or another; operator, programmer, analyst, trainer. Currently working for Uncle Sam.
There is some real good places over in Dekalb. You helps to have a "guide" to that side of town. My boys from the station take me over there.
Work for Johnson & Johnson-Merck in Lancaster, PA as an opperations associate...I make Mylanta and Mylicon(the baby gas drops!)...nice job to have when I eat too much of my smoking!!!HAHA
First, I'm a Dad with 4 beautiful daughters and wife to match. Then I'm a hotel guy. Been in sales and marketing for hotels for 20+ years. Work for a company called Gaylord Hotels. You might know us as the company that owns the Grand Ole Opry and Opryland. We also have hotels in Orlando, Dallas, and are building a new $1 billion hotel in DC.
Love the business. Get to eat a lot. But love the smoking thing and this forum for how much it's made me a star in my neighborhood.

By the way, Merry Christmas to you and your family of smokers!
I have been to a few round those parts too. Lived in Stone Mountian years ago and the wife started out at Dekalb Hospital. A restraunt is a tough gig to keep going and a Que joint is even tougher to keep running. I have considered a Que concession trailer and just trying to keep it simple. Pulled pork sammies, Brunswick stew and collard greens. The trouble is that I would really like to add a couple of more things and then a couple of more and on and on......Eventually a 200,000 square foot warehouse would be what I would need just to cook! (No self control)
hav e worked road const.for 27 yrs.same comp for past 20.there was about 9 of us when i started including 3 owners and now there are over 75 peaple.kind of cool watching something grow like that.
heck yah i had to ask her, it was easier asking her than googling it..lol

she has only been doing it a short time but she likes it... and makes great money

when there is a wreck involving a train with or without a motor vehicle she is on call to drug test the whole crew of the train...real good money when they page her..lol
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