What's Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

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Nov 25, 2006
Just curious what some of you may have found funny. After all some of the best of the best commercials air during the Super Bowl.

So far mine has to be the Bud Light commercial - Rock, Paper, Scissors - that's funny stuff.

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I think it was a toss up for me. They were both Budweiser commercials. The one where they picked picked up the hitchhiker with the axe anyway because he had Budweiser and the one with Jr. singing at the end. The 'ol Chevroletset..... :lol:

Speaking of Jr., Bud Shootout next weekend I think. Woohooo.....Gentlemen, start your engines.
i only saw a few but my favorite was the english class.

i wish i would have seen them all, if i was smart i would have recorded the whole event and fast forwarded through for the commercials.

i did like the chevy song one too, i think that made a great statement.
There was one with a robot dreaming he was laid off that was cool too. Didn't see it on the website - it may have been after the game.
My favorite was the one for the "Bears" where Hestor (sp) returned the opening kick for a TD!!....Now that was some imaginative writing don't you think...LOL

Hey they even showed him watching himself on the monitor...Nice touch!
My favorite was the Hamster and Rabbit trying to get online by clicking a mouse in the back. Then threatening to plug his tail in. Think it was for Blockbuster online.
Didn't get to see many but, like buzzard, recorded the whole thing. It is really strange to fast forward through the game to get to the 'mercial!
Cajunsmoker is right on! That one was absolutely right on the money :lol: :lol: ! Try to find it if you can, there are websites you can acess but have to go watch Heros. Daun
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