Whats Your Comfort Food

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All the cold weather favs. Chili and chile, soups and pasta's and bread!
Could use a big bowl of the Green Chile that has been posted recently.
Have a soup potluck at work on Monday and am going to use chilerelleno chilerelleno
Red Pozole for my take.
Have to think about that tater tot hot mess for a minute, okay I will try anything once!
I guess it depends on the weather. Cold wintery months, I'd be looking for a big pasta dish- lasagna, or sausage and peppers. Anytime the weather outside cooperates it's a big plate of wings.
Good question!

Cold Weather: Soups/Stews/Chili I love it all but chili is kind of in it's own category but fits in my cold weather comfort food

Sweets: Chocolate. Actual real chocolate. Not products using palm kernel/palm oil. It's gotta be real chocolate for me. With peanuts or caramel or other inclusions in it is good as well but must be real chocolate for the chocolate portion lol.

After Drinking: Starting the day after I drink, for 4-5 days after, I get what feels like a mild case of the flu if I have any alcohol (fermented, non-fermented, gluten free, grain free, etc. etc., simply all alcohol). So my immediate go-to when I wake up after drinking is a good hot high quality pizza plus some tomato sauce pasta! Then it moves to Chinese buffet/everything. Also Sushi is big for me during this time.
Because my body temp runs hot I also like having ice cream for the sweet/desert comfort food.

I think my body just needs a ton of carbs for energy to get right hahaha.

I'm sure there are other times for comfort food consideration but these are the ones that immediately come to mind :)
Grilled cheese and tomato soup (Seems to be a favorite, here.)
Navy bean soup with a smoked ham hock
My mother's fried chicken (which I've never been able to duplicate. Maybe because she made it in an old electric skillet with a cover and the big element that plugged into the side?)
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Look what the wife made for dinner tonight:
Now that's what I'm talking about!! Comfort food at it's finest. That looks so darned good I'm not even gonna make any jokes about dem tooths :emoji_laughing: Just send me a couple quarts....please.

It's all soft food Robert. No tooths required.

That's some good looking soup Justin, and just in time for the cold weather setting in.

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