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What's Your 20?


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The age should automatically change, if your Birthday is in your Profile.
I can't believe how young a lot of you Rascals are!!!

Or how old some of you are. :emoji_laughing:

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The age should automatically change, if your Birthday is in your Profile.
I can't believe how young a lot of you Rascals are!!!

Us young rascals are just here to soak up the knowledge of our... Um more seasoned (pun totally intended) friends here.

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59 years old currently in the San Antonio Texas area. Started with a Cook'n Cajun smoker at 13 years old as smokers go, and I still have & use the original Portable Kitchens cast aluminum grill my mother bought in the mid-70's.

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Sorry missed the original thread.

I've included a generic MW Minnesota location since day 1 , but watch for update in the near future. :emoji_kissing_smiling_eyes:
The missing age is to keep you guessing, but I just turned 63 years old or young depending on my day.
Lately been old and cranky reading many of the petty threads posted.

Funny, I've seen in many threads someone ask a person's location and it was already in their profile.

On the big bro side, he knows where you are done to a few feet if you have a phone..... if you want to be freaked out start talking about a tool you need or a candy you crave in the room with a smart TV and your phone next to you..... the result will freak you out....it only takes a few hours before the adds start showing up in your browser.......
I haven't even logged my phone to the fruity company and the da#$ thing knows where I live and work without me adding that information.
I have the voice control feature turned off, but have witnessed it many times from morning coffee club that it cues on conversation. It does appear to ignore our "correct" political conversations. Must be storing data against us~~?


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My info is in my Avatar. 60 year old from Dacula Ga. About 35 miles north of Atlanta.


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See, its not that hard or mysterious!

Great to know some of you a bit better.

But some of you still need to update your profiles. . .LOL!



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General location sure does help it's hard to give advice sometimes as others have said. I don't know why age would matter it's not like I'm going to give someone 20 any different answer than I would someone 40 or 60 so not sure why age is important
Age isn't important---It's just nice to know if I'm talking to another Old Guy, or somebody younger than my Son.
But then again, if I tell a Youngster to fold a vacuum bag like a "Pants Cuff" before adding the Meat, I had better explain what a "Pants Cuff" is first.



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Not a problem with age or address. I can see being skittish when first joining until you get the feel for the Forum. But within a few messages, you get the community feeling and it's extremely comfortable. Anyway, with all the "data breeches" with the Fed/State and industry, we are the only folks who don't know where our members are from?! LOL!!
You can find me in Aiken, SC, ~ 60 miles from Columbia or 15 miles from the SC/GA Savanah River border at a whopping 387' MSL! Turned 67 this year. 🍻

tx smoker

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Lago Vista TX. We are in the Hill Country just northwest of Austin on the north shore of Lake Travis (not lake front but close). I'm going to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of my 29th birthday in a couple months, but age is noted in my profile. Originally from Blue Ridge mountain country in VA. Been in TX for 25 years and have no desire to leave, although it does get REALLY hot in the Summer.

15 year old girl from Southern Cali. My favorite drink is a Kale milkshake.
Wow!! Are you the girl I was in the private chat room with last night? :emoji_astonished:



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This has been brought up before without any positive results, but I thought I would try again.

Several years ago Bearcarver Bearcarver and I were frustrated by the fact that most members here on SMF do not include their geographic location when joining as new members. For that matter many long-time members also do not have their location included in their profile.

At that time this created a discussion from "It's none of anybody's business where I live," to government surveillance trying to "Big Brother" us, or scammers trying to steal our identity . . . Yikes!

I think it would be nice to have at least a general location for a member when reading their threads or communicating with them. I chose to be a bit more specific in my profile, but "Pittsburgh Area" or "Western Pennsylvania" would have sufficed to give a flavor of my location.

Mine is:

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Just saying,

John, the way I see it is. 69 people voted incorrectly in the recent throwdown, and you expect me to trust them with my real location and identity?


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