What's the deal with the Points system?

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I know you get 3 points for posting a new topic and 1 point for replying to an established topic. There is a post somewhere that explains that and says that you can use them for something to be determined later. It's about a year old though.
Found it: Points System

Hey TulsaJeff, that is well over a year old. Any ideas yet? I don't know about that using them for recipes stuff. I already shelled out the greenbacks for those.
I think Tulsa Jeff should set up a poker forum and we bet our points :D If we run out of points, we have to start a new topic, or cook something and post pics and we get more points and get back in the game. :P Does that make sense or am I just wasted?
That sounds like an interesting idea cajunsmoker. I don't know how it would be logistically for the boss to do that, but sounds fun nevertheless. You can't be getting upset when I end up with all the points and am declared King of SMF though!!! :P

Willkat98, thanks for the points donation. That was a right brotherly thing for you to do.
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