Whats the better deal on price?

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Original poster
Apr 22, 2010
Went to sam's club. I bought 1 trimmed eye of round at 4.68 lb it weighed 5.14 lbs. I had .8 oz watsed after trimming the fat cap off. Also bought an untrimmed one. 3.98 lb, it weighed 6.11 lbs and I had 1.10 lbs waste. Anyone good at math,lol. Which is the cheaper way to go? A lot less work with the trimmed one.
You paid $24.06 for 5.06lbs of usable meat on the trimmed piece or $4.75/lb. You paid $24.32 for 5.01lbs of usable meat on the untrimmed piece or $4.85lb. If you aren’t using the fat for anything, you are much better off buying the trimmed piece at those prices.
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