Whats so great about ribs?

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Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio
Dont get me wrong, I like ribs but really why do people seem to like them so much? Really you dont get a whole lot of meat off them and they are pretty expensive. You can buy a shoulder for less than half the cost per pound and get way more meat. Do ribs really taste better? I cant say I like the taste of one over the other but for what you get why not stick with butts/shoulders?
Ribs ribs, they are the best
Have one taste and you'll want the rest.

Variety my friend. While butts are great, and briskets are heavenly, ribs too have their place in the smoking world. If you don't like em, then don't eat em. We aren't trying to force ribs down your gullet, we just smoke what we like and tell everybody about it. If economy is your game, then yes, I agree, stick with more economical meat.

There is also something to be said for the act of eating ribs. It's a time to toss table manners to the side and get real messy.

Thats just MHO.
Because they're gooey and sticky and it brings out the carnevour in all of us. You have to be polite when eating shoulder. With ribs you can get it all over your face and fingers and smack your lips and fingers.. Throw manners out the window and then throw the bone to the dog!
It's not always the cost of the meat that should influence your decision of what to cook. It's the taste, texture, and plain fun of chewing the meat off the bone. Also there is the continuous battle to cook the perfectly cooked rib with the best tasting rub or sauce you have found. It's not hard to cook a shoulder or butt, but trying to get those ribs just right can be a battle... especially when first starting out smoking or grilling.

Basically what I'm saying is the difference is the whole experience... PigCicles rule!

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I'm not a big rib fan either, but my son just loves ribs. I like eating the meat off a t-bone steak, but I'm a beef fan......not much of a pork guy........and we finish about 100,000 pigs/yr for a big company........might have something to do w/it also.

To each their own, but I'm like you Twister. Best thing about ribs is the challenge to get them just right, I have fun smoke'n them but not eating them. One bone is good enough for me.
I though like you do until I made some BBs with the 3-2-1 method and smoked with Texas post oak. I'm hooked for life, ain't nuthin better than that.
Wow Brennan didnt mean to piss you off. Maybe you need to read my post again, first thing I said was I like ribs also I never said anyone was trying to "force ribs down my gullet" and if you would like to try go right ahead, believe me you dont have to FORCE me to eat anything that comes out a smoker.
Also I have no problem paying more for something that is better, so just talking about the meat does the rib meat taste better than the shoulder meat? Is it more tender?
Gotta have some ribs in your life. Varity is good though, so do what you like. Butts and shoulders are OK, but more work to impart flavor too. JMHO
If the ribs are high price, wait for the deals. That's what I do. Just got some more Beef Bone ribs at Winn Dixie. Pack was $4.23 with a $2 off coupon it. Took two home for a smoke fest later.

But really, the reason I do ribs......its drives the dog crazy!!!
I'm sorry if I came across as mad. I was just voicing my humble opinion. As far as comparing butts and ribs, they are both excellent in their own ways. I've yet to see a competetion where ribs and butts are in the same category. If you put me up to it and I had to choose one over the other, I don't think I could do it. Each one brings different things to the party.
I'm with court jester on that one.
So for the most part its not that they taste better, just different. I was just wondering if you smoked some ribs and a butt pulled them both would one taste better than the other. I can see the point about the challenge of ribs also. I will give them a shot some time but want to get a few more smokes under my belt first.
Thats pretty much exactly what i'm saying. not better, different.

Why wait til you get better at smoking? just pop em on the smoker using the 3-2-1 method and you should be able to pass as a pro at least to your family and friends.

As far as the pulled ribs idea goes, I'm not sure how pulled ribs could turn out. It kinda takes the fun out of the eating of ribs. Try it out and see if there are differences.
Might gvie them a try. To many new things I want to try, ABT, fatties, burgers, ribs, chicken, corn on the cob. I just dont know which to do next

you also need to find a reliable source or butcher for ribs, especially for baby backs.

I got a place up the street where baby backs are about $1 cheaper than the "going rate" in the area, which is around $3.50#

Tried them once, and now know what to look for. When I started the racks, they looked pretty decent. When I was done, I had all shiners (the white of the bone was shining through the top of the slabs)

The reason the racks where cheaper is because you were getting much less meat. I now look at the thickness of the slabs as well, to detect possible shiners.

Costco has been pretty reliable as to not cutting the meat too close to the ribs, but a local butcher gives me some great cuts.

I don't really care for spares, but love the baby backs
you can also check with your local grocer, if they arent too lazy or you don't have a stock boy standing in, they will usually do custom cuts for you and have them ready by the next day.

Twister, next time you have a long smoke on your hands, throw on some ABT's and a fatty, there's always room for one or the other if not both. they make great snacks prior to the main event.
I tell you what Az, your braver than I am! If I ever hit a woman in the head with a rib bone, its gonna be off an ELEPHANT! I want her out cold, other wise she might just stick that rib bone where the sun don't shine, and that ain't a good thing.
Ribs, shoulder's, butt's, meatloaf, what ever. It's the thrill of the smoke that I enjoy. The smell of the smoke & the meat cooking. Watching the nieghbor's looking over at me sitting there with a big smile on my face. Watching the bark form...... man I'm off to the store to get some meat.
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