What's Smokin' in the Ozarks Today

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Well it's raining here in the heart of Ozark mountain country. We desperately need it, but my smokin' wood doesn't. It's wet, but I'm doing my best to get it going. I haven't finished my pre-burn barrel yet, so it's going to have to happen in the fire box. I guess I'll have to get a picture of that TBS to get nominated. Don't know if I can do it with wet wood though.
Anyway, we have a pork butt for pulled pork, my last deer roast, and some neck bones left over from my last hog. I forgot foil, so the butt is going to go into a pre-heated roaster pan with a lid. I have been wondering if this would make a difference over the foil, so today I'm going to find out. I am going to try Jeff's finishing sauce today. I've never used it and am very excited to try it. I'm throwing the neck bones in a Grill Topper Wok. Anyone seen these? Works great for meatloaf and veggies too.
Pictures will go up as soon as the meat hits the racks.
Here's the meat.


Looks thin to me!!

Please post pics of finished products. Love that food porn.

Take care, have fun, and do good.


Here it is before going into the roaster pan. We are snacking on the neck bones now. WOW!!! I mopped them with the same stuff I use on the butt.
There isn't much meat on neck bones, so it's really just a teaser for what's to come.

MmmmmmMmmmmm, that looks mighty fine GS. What time should I be there for dinner?
Them neck bones is making me think about ham and beans with cornbread.
I think the lovely wife is going to serve it on Tuesday. It was all I could do to keep from eating it last night. I think I finished pullin' at midnight. I did sample it and I woke the wife up to sample it too. Words can not explain it. The smoke was perfect. Used a little less hickory than normal and it really made a difference. And Jeff's finishing sauce it delightful. I've never tried a vinegar based sauce on my butts.
Me and that smoker are fixin' to get real busy. At work we have a dinner every year the day before Thanksgiving. I'm doing 2 turkeys, 2 briskets and 5 deer roasts. So I won't even be able to go home that Tuesday night. I guess I'll have to take the RV for sleep.
I did purchase 3 of the Taylor, Wireless Digital Meat Thermometers. Hopefully they work right, so I can get some shut eye during the smoke.
Then for the family Thanksgiving I'm doing 2 turkeys and 15 chickens. My entire family is coming from Iowa for the day. Actually we'll have our dinner on Friday. Thursday we are butchering 100 chickens and 25 of them are for my brother and he wants 15 smoked then frozen. I'm going to be so sick of poultry, I'll probably turn the remaining chickens loose, pretend that they are pheasant and do some hunting. That'd be a hoot.
I still have to collect the apple trees from the orchard in Marionville too. I wish I could convince the orchard owner that I am actually doing him a favor, and not the other way around. Then maybe he'd cut them trees and split the logs. I guess I shouldn't complain. Apple is getting harder and harder to find due to the popularity of smokin'. In fact, maybe when I get there, I should do some major butt kissin' so he'll call me whenever he has a tree to cull. Kinda sad really. While everyone else is out in the deerwoods on opening day, Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ll be cuttinâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji] wood. Thatâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s alright though. I donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t like to go out on opening day anyway. Too many trigger happy fools out there.
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