What's in your accessory box?

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Apr 10, 2007
Great White North
I'm thinking of building an accessory box for my bbq supplies. Right now I've just got the essentials in a Rubbermaid tote, but I'd like to build a portable wooden case - kind of like a travelling wardrobe - for the gear. Has anyone done something like that?

This outdoor bbq station is sort of the thing I'm talking about: http://dannyseo.typepad.com/photos/u...bq_station.jpg, and if you happen to have a copy of Rick Browne's Barbecue America Cookbook, there's an even better example on p.88.

Off the top of my head, I'd probably want space for (in no particular order):
  • Pam
  • wet-naps
  • paper towels
  • aluminum foil (regular and heavy duty)
  • long-spouted container (for adding water to pan)
  • oven-proof glove(s)
  • spritz bottle
  • basting brush/mop
  • jars of rub
So what's in your bbq station?
things i like to keep close at hand

a pair of good tongs
pan release
side towel
basic rubs
basting brush
water cooler (to rinse my hands)
hand sanitizer
cutting board
sharp knife
Beer cooler

sauce pot (for mops/sauces)
gril brush
baking soda (in case of flair ups)

I rarely use water when smoking but somtimes I place a pan under the meat to catch drippings.
I've got 2 Budweiser grill kits, 1 Craftsman. Kabob kit with skewers. Multiple packs of wood skewers. Grilling Pam and oven cleaners. Packaged wood chips (small smoker). JD pellets. Spritz bottle. Heave duty foil.

Just things I use. One thing though, regular foil might be a waste of money. It doesn't stand up to the use I put it through. And the Rubbermaid Bucket works well as long as you keep it away from falling burning wood. Otherwise raise it to keep the rain out.
You have to have it first as it helps in the inspiration

A guy could get tired or maybe fall and hurt himself going up and down those stairs too often.
You guys pretty much hit the basics and then some ........ I keep a bag of thin latex gloves (from home depot paint section) to use when prepping meat or opening a fatty right at the grill. Then I can just toss 'em w/o having to always wash my hands. I also keep a long trigger style lighter and parafin wax cubes to get coals going in the chimney starter. This wont fit in your box, but a comfortable chair right by the smoker is enjoyable. Here is my favorite chair for a long smoke! (yes, thats a beer cooler way off to the right ............. cant remember it was why so far away???)
Randy, I'm thinking that maybe that cooler was under the shade of all those trees in your yard! Keeps the ice from melting as fast.
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