whats in the smoker this weekend

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May 2, 2007
im smoking a thick cut arm roast
nothing, it's friggin raining...go figure......but we hit cash and carry and picked up a 15 1/4 lb bottom round, I butchered that into 6 big ol steaks from the center section and three roasts from the ends (which will end up being corned and made into pastrami later).......hey, when it's only 1.85 a pound who could pass it up?????? The steaks will be for my fathers day dinner.....
WOW thats a good price, even are cheep meats like the arm roast and charcoal steaks are 2.99/lb and on sale.
thats a different looking brisket there, did you trim it yourself? its just an odd shape.

well maby not found one of my old pix
I have 2 chickens that have been brining all night. Soaked 3 racks of loin back ribs and a 10 lb tenderloin in apple juice for 5 hrs. Rubbed them with yellow mustard and rib rub been marinating all night. Gonna fire up the smoker around 6 am and let the smoke roll. It's supposed to rain but to heck with it i'm smoking anyway.
yup, well this place gets direct from IBP so the prices are good....and I could not pass up this price at all....granted you have to buy in bulk but when you smoke, then it's a good thing, plus a little work with a knife and a vacuume sealer.......DUH........ I should have picked up some more pork loins also, got a big hankering for canadian bacon and chinese bbq pork......
Just like I figured no sooner do I get the smoker up to temp and here comes the rain. Had to run a tarp over the barrel again but am holding around 230*. Here's a pic of what went on the smoker and the outside weather.

That really bites Marvin. We just had a rain on the 14th. 3miles from me had .5", I had .7" and dad(about 5miles away) had 4.20" with bad hail.

I smoked to b.butts for pulled pork Thur, a 15# prime rib(boneless) on friday w/4 fatties. Today it is 16 bisquites, 4 baked taters, and reheating pulled pork for lunch at mom & dads w/g-pa, aunt and her kids. Made some cole slaw last night. The KFC type.

New digital thermostat that has a setting of 225*, work'n MUCH better!!! No more than 20*+/- , usually around 15*+/-. Make'n me a traeger lover again........but we'll just have to see.

Happy Fathers day to all you Turds!

"This Milwaukee's Best is for you!" (the next 8 are for me
Not smoking today - have a BB game this afternoon. Did do some sausage last night (Ring Bologna) with the stringiest shoulders I've ever seen! Guess that's why they were 99 cents a pound.

I trimmed those buggers for hours and they still kept clogging my grinder!

They tasted good though - just more work than I wanted.

I've been using the afterburner for about 2 months now and I just love it. The after burner is a propane burner that you put into you fire box. They make them for both horizontal and vertical smokers. To make smoke you use a 46 oz juice can and put your wood in it and place it on the burner and viola, you have about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours of smoke. I have a Charbroiler Silver Offset smoker. The afterburner keeps the temp very steady at 225 to 230. Here is a link to the website where I purchased it:


All in all I think is is a great product.

With those sausages that you cooked, how long did they take, what temp did you get them to, and how did you check the tmp? (I thought if you stabbed them with a thermometor wouldnt they lose their juices)
MSgoos -

They were pork and beef so I brought the temps up to 170°F. I smoked them for 5 hours starting at 100°F for one hour, then 130°F for one hour, then at 160°F for 3 hours.

I stick the thermometer in the end of one of the middle ones and wait. I doesn't hurt anything. I've made tons of sausages this way and it always works. It's not good to kep taking it out and putting it back - you could introduce bacteria or something. I have a few of the pocket sized thermometers I use just for sausages.


I always ***** tiny holes in them when I smoke to lets the grease and steam out and air if there's an air pocket. It's actually a good idea to do that. I just use a toothpick but they sell little sausage prickers with multiple needles to make it easier.


This recipe came from Leni Poli - it's not one of mine.

http://lpoli.50webs.com/index_files/Ring Bologna.pdf

It's pretty good but I think I like all beef bologna better.
If you never brought the temp over 160 how did you get the sausage's to 170? Do you not have to get it over the temp to get the meat there?
Opps sorry missed the last step! Had to run off to a ballgame!

200°F for the last 30 miutes or so until 170°F. You can stop at 160°F but I'm always leary about pork.
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