Whats everyone smoking this weekend???

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Original poster
Jul 18, 2005
Lakeville (Northeast) Pa
Im just doing a few racks of babybacks (turned out so good last weekend I actually had a request for them) and a few chickens. No butts or picnics this weekend. Think I will try a few fattys to fill the rest of the smoker.
Going to try a recipe that I have for a BlackJack sauce on a rack or 2. I will let you guys know how they turn out.
I am grilling some chicken drumsticks tonight.. lots of smoke, my special sauce and rub and some vegetable kabobs.

It is the next best thing to smoking when you are too busy to actually smoke something.

The ribs sound really good!
I have three pork shoulders in the smoker since 8:30 this morning. It is now 6:30 PM and the internal temperature of the smaller one is at 169F. I'm waiting for 190F. Plan is to to replenish my supply of pork BBQ for the freezer. Some steaks are going on the grill for supper as sooon as I hit submit.

Aubrey Page
Momma says I've been neglecting my cast iron so she wants Dutch oven chicken, D.O. potatoes and onions and D.O Parmesan rolls. She said I could play with the smoker next weekend.
With my somewhat prolonged mariage, I have found one postulate to be absolutely reliable: "When Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Hope the chicken turned out well.

I did three broiler sized chickens thinking that I would have something for lunch on Monday & Tuesday. All that was left was a thigh, a leg and two wings. On Moday morning there was NADA! :( The only potatoes that were left was found stuck to the bottom of the serving spoon and the rolls (2 dozen of them) were gone long before supper was even over!
I have a few good friends coming over Saturday, Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m smoking about 10# of pork shoulder, 1-12# brisket and my friend Mike is smoking a 14# turkey for a Q party this Saturday. Today (Thursday) Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m baking the cake for a fudge ice cream cake and a few (6) cheesecakes.
I'm making 10 lbs of Honey Loaf, 12 lbs of Brats and 12 lbs of Italian Sausage. All I have to do now is somehow keep the neighbors from coming over and laying claim to my sausage. Everyone have a great weekend and keep the smoker smoking!!
Today (Friday) is my Mothers' 60th Birthday! So at her request, I am throwing a family BBQ at my house on Sunday! ( Not that I ever need an excuse to fire up the smoker, but what the heck? It's her day). She has chosen Ribs for her special birthday meal, so I have 6 slabs of Spare ribs in the fridge waiting to be St Louis trimmed as soon as I get home from work tonight, and a fresh double batch of "Jeff's Naked Rib Rub" already prepared. My wife is going to prepare the baked beans and Slaw for the sides. And of course, I've got a couple fatties for snacking and will probably throw some ABT's together as well.

I hope everyone has a great weekend...I know I will... 8)

Happy birthday to you Mother, Brian! :D We did the same thing for my Mother's 60th, smoked some ribs, brisket & chicken. Hope shde enjoys her meal.

I won't be cooking this weekend, but instead I heading over to a BBQ competition to meet up with some fellas to enjoy a smokin' good time. 8)
I've got football games all day Saturday and I have to work on Sunday so unless I can get home early on Sunday it's gonna be upto the Bride to decide what's for dinner. If I get home early I just might be able to crank the GOSM to 350* and do some beer can chickens and baked 'taters. I may have to try a sweet 'tater again. The last one I did in the smoker tasted flat and the texture was mealy. I think that 'tater forgot that it was to be a "Sweet" 'tater while it was growing. 8)
I've got a turkey (14 1/2 lb) and a fryer (about 3 1/2 lb) just put into the brine. I plan to put them into the smoker first thing in the AM. The only question then is if I can get them finished before the effects of Katrina start setting in. At the present rate we plan to evacuate Sunday afternoon. I just hope it either goes a little further west or perhaps doesn't strengthen as much as they predict.

Wish me luck......I'd really like to give a great turkey/chicken report tomorrow night.

Bill, I hope that you and Florida Jeff can get through Katrina with no or minimal damage to your property.

I'll keep both of you and yours in my prayers.

God Bless and HANG ON!!
Bill, I will be keeping my fingers crossed and the prayers flying for you and yours as well as for all our friends in the area. Good luck and keep your head low and your hopes high!
Thanks folks for the thoghts and prayers. I have three things to be thankful for tonight. First that Katrina moved futhter to the west. I wish good luck to those folks in La. I don't wish the hurricane on anyone but I'm thankful it doesn't appear to be coming here. Seagrove beach is a small community just west of Panama City Beach and just east of Destin. Thanks to all of you who were thinking about me. Hurricanes suck. Acutally, they super suck!!!

The second thing I have to be thankful for is the chicken and turkey I have been cooking. I brined both with the recipe on the upper left of this site last night. Although rain interferred with the cooking today, the chicken turned out great. My wife and I really enjoyed it. The turkey is still in the smoker. Preliminary views indicate that it's going to be great.

And the third thing I'm thankful for is our forum. Good folks sharing good information. This is a winning combination if I've ever seen one!!

My heart goes out to those in Louisiana. You have my heartfealt thoughts and prayers. This thing is really big and potentially harmful. Take care!!!

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