what you guys making for your favorite veteran

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Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jul 3, 2005
forks washington
hello everyone

what are you guys making for your favorite vetaran for vetarans day i am making ten pounds of willies snack stix for my favorite vetaran being me and i will also make 10 pounds of tex mex hot stix also for myself the tex mex hot stix are to hot for anyone else in the house to eat so i should be set for a few weeks well you guys have a good holiday talk at you soon
Although not smoked meat related, last evening our local Elks lodge put on a free dinner to show our appreciation for our local veterans. I was the cook. It was spaghetti with meatballs, and all the fixings. The vets loved it. I also picked up my guitar and entertained after the cooking was done.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Well, since my favorite Veteran passed on a couple of years ago, I think I'll grill up a steak in his honor after I put some flowers and a flag on his grave. The wife wants to take me to a local steakhouse where they are feeding Vets for free. Don't feel like digging out the ol' 2214 just to wait in line for ever when I can eat in the comfort of my own house with no lines.

To all you other Vets out there-Thanks for answering the Call!
im going to hope and prey my turkey comes out fine enough for our vets. ill make some other side dishes i found on here i have wanted to try, sweet pot casserol, wicked baked beans, buzzard's dip ect.etc.

im only haveing a few over, and they know its a TRIAL run on the turkey but i figure with the knowledge in here i dont think i can go wrong.
hello everyone

i smoked the snack stix and they turned out really hot spicy hot i can only eat about 2 stix in one sitting and have to take a break they are hot hot hot be good with a bunch of beer but i dont drink beer or wiskey no more so on sunday i decided that i would make 15 pounds of hi mountian bologna it was a lot better i can eat that stuff with cheese and crackers all day long if the guys at work dont get to it first oh well you guys take care i did not take any pics the camara is on the blink talk at you all later
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