what would you charge????

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Dec 14, 2006
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okay, so I'm getting alot of folks asking about buying either the smoked nuts or pastarmi or sausage.......little wierd for me because I'm used to just making it and giving it away to friends........but that brings up a question, if you were to actually sell the stuff.....what would you consider and charge for your time and all??????

look in the old forum there was a post on this same issue a while back i cant remember are you gonna sell it in portions or by pound a little more info would help later
Hi Smoked, Well this is a tuff one !! for starters Que`ng is something we all enjoy to do ,, & of course we love it when others enjoy eating our food & the praise we get !!! As for the $$$$ 1st you gotta get what u put out (cover the cost) then it`s how much u wanna make on it .... I know buisnes`s usally charge 10% or higher on top of the product (10% is a low #) ,,, then of course the biggie..... labor !!! That is were you need to figure how much time is worth without killing the people that are buying ! I know a tuffie ???
For me I would just figure tacking on 15% on top of the cost of meat & figure a small amount to cover spices , etc. ?? I hope this is some help to you & good luck !!!
yea I know, I figure if they buy the bulk raw material, be it meat or nuts etc........then it's just a matter of my time......but still don't need the fda ruining my day and all so.......................................
If they furnish the "raw material" that might circumvent some of the rules of law.

Guess the law of supply/demand can prevail. If it isn't worth it to you or to them then some negotiation is in order. My guess is you will be tired of it before the customers!

Probably your customer base will start as family and friends, unless you advertise, and a feeling for doing it will be obtained before you get into a customer area where someone will consider doing you in.

If a restaurant buys meat from a supplier and cooks it for you and makes you ill....most would sue the restaurant!.......If you took your own meat to a restaurant and had them cook it and it makes you sick...most would sue the restaurant not themselves.....hmmmm

"My advice is like Chewing gum...Chew on it but don't swallow it!"
how i use to do it when people wanted me to smoke their fish or whatever they brought that day was 2 for 1.... i supplied everything besides the meat and i got to eat for free

when i was growing up there was a place that use to sell smoked meat and when you brought stuff to him thats how he charged if you wanted stuff smoked...that way no money was exchanged and it got rid of the money factor..

as far as good bbq, its always hard to charge for your labor unless you have a restaurant... i always felt guilty charging money because i thought it was always hard to judge how much to charge for good bbq...lol
It amazes me how many lazy people there are in this world.
Up until last hunting season I was doing hundreds of pounds of deer and elk sticks for the locals. I never charged them for anything other than supplies and it was just an unspoken rule that they share their booty with me.
Anymore I almost consider it an insult when I am asked to do it. Like I don't have a social life, and all I have is time on my hands. Like they are busier than me. Nowadays I tell them to purchase their own equipment and I'd be glad to show them the ropes.
I just got tired of everyone calling or dropping by wondering WHEN their stuff will be ready.
My opinion? There isn't enough money! Do it if you want, but I think you'd be better off doing the same thing. Teach them the ropes. They'll appreciate it more. Trust me.
Good point, Tom. Could be a big hassle.

Another idea is to get a license, but then there is liability(sp) insurance. The more I think about it, the more I'd charge. It's gotta sting or they won't learn to do it themselves. Family & friends are different, obvious reasons........beer.

I've asked the same question before, as some others have too. No "real" answer. Another "trial & error" experience, similar to smoke'n.

BTW, I bet "Bob" has a big Traeger smoker!
Had to stick that in there..........oooohhhh bad choice of words!

Sleep on it...................
, then you'll know what to do
I had asked this question on this forum a while back and was surprised how many thought I was crazy. After people was trying my sausage they wanted more and all were willing to pay for it and besides you can only give so much away or take trade for other things till it gets old. So here is what I did.

Took my cost - Meat, seasonings, casing, charcoal/propane and any other cost involved then I multiplied that by 2.5 and then round (up usually). I am cheaper than any other place around and the people are happy to bring their stuff to me.

I only do word of mouth and only do it for people I know and like (like being the key term there). I also always do some stuff for me at the sametime I am making sausage for them - if I have the equipment out might as well go to it.

Next weekend I have two people I am doing some venison sticks for ( about 25 lbs each ) and so I am doing about 50 lbs of different things for myself at the same time. Nice busy sausage weekend.

So figure out what you think is fair but still make you a couple bucks. I have been able to put all my money back into my equipment and make things a little nicer.

Have fun
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