What woods are best for which meats?

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Dec 21, 2006
The boonies of NC
Hi everyone! Sorry that I've been so lax in my checking in lately but the weather has gotten under my skin
and gardening chores are taking over
Just wanted to know what woods are good for which meats? Hubby and I have pruned the fruit trees and are in posession of Plum (lots), Cherry( bits and tips ), and Pear ( Bunches
! ). I have them drying on some oak logs ( future Adirondack shelter ) but am not sure exactly how to use these prunings to the best advantage. Thanks in advance to the wisdom of the TBS and its always awesome initiates
! Motor on
!! Daun
Thanks for the link! I knew that someone here would have the answer to my quandry
. Have a great night!! Daun
NOBODY ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!! It's a trick question.
All joking aside, It's strictly preference. I have tried most every fruit wood with most every meat. Of course some feel that different woods go with different meat. Like I said, it's preference. I plan to add mulberry, pecan, black cherry, and grape. I suspect that I'll like them all.
Tom -

Never tried it but I have been told grape is good with lamb if you like lamb.

Mulberry is great with pork. Gotta beg some more from the owner of ole homestead. He never trims the poor trees.
Grape wood has a very good flavor. Last summer I went Barcelona, Spain and I was able to go to a little restaruant that had smoke lamb and smoked beef steak. I tried the lamb and my wife had the steak, they both turned out really well. I would be willing to give grape wood a try on about anything at least from my first experience.
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