What to use to turn large cuts of meat

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Jun 21, 2007
Lee's Summit, MO
I'm currently smoking a couple of butts and am having a hard time turning them after they reach a int. temp of 150 or so.
Bear hands after that are out of the question, to hot!
If I use the kitchen oven mits the wife would kill me as the rub will stain.

What do you guys use that have the smaller smokersjwith limited working space? I have the small GOSM?
My wife is a Pampered Chef consultant, as a result our personal inventory of cooking gadgets is outrageous. Here is a 8 inch wide spatula that may work well for you.
I'm sure this is a big "NO-NO", but I use leather work gloves. I buy them in packs of 6, use one for smoke'n and the rest for work. I've had the same pair for a year, nobody sick yet.

BTW, why do you want to turn them? I leave them fat down the entire smoke and have had very good pulled pork.

If there isn't a problem, let them be.
I've always heard that the moisture runs from the heat, so I like to turn them once every hour of so. I have had good pork without turning

Maybe this is another myth ???
I bought a pair of rubber coated gloves. They are cotton gloves with a rubber coating. I'm able to turn my butts, briskets and ribs without burning my fingers and then I'm able to walk into the house and wash my hands with the gloves on and clean the gloves so they are ready to go again. I'm kind of a clean freak when it comes to cooking. I first tried the old playtex dishwashing gloves and they worked kind of ok but they were a pain to get off and on. I then ran across the rubber coated gloves and I'm very satisified with them. They are easy to get on and off and are actually thicker then the playtex gloves. My son like the idea so much him self that he went out and bought a pair. I hope this helps,

Those would work but my local sam's doesn't cary them

Think I will just order a pair from smokingmeat, they look like they would work good.
i use a pair of pot holders that are dedicated to bbq'ing. i also have a pair of oven mitts i use too, that i got for fathers day.
My wife has big clear plastic "hands" that I think are made for tossing salad, but I commondeered them. They are in catalogs, look like human hands, and you hold the area near the base of the thumb. They work nice and are easy to clean.
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