what to do with hot coals afterwards

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Original poster
Aug 5, 2007
Hey All,
I've been lurking around the forms for a month or so just soaking in the info. I just finished seasoning my new CG w/ SFB (and this is my first attempt at using charcoal) and thought I'd grill some chicken for lunch tomorrow -- hate to waste a hot grill!

Anyway, now my chicken is done and its time for bed -- but what should I do with my hot coals? Do i just let them sit in the grill to cool and empty tomorrow? I remember reading at one point not to let coals sit in a grill since they hold moisture. Or, should I just dig a hole a bury the hot coals boy-scout style?

Any advice is appreciated.

After just grilling a couple pieces of chicken.. i'm stuck on charcoal. A little slower then my old gas grill, but man the results are great!
Thats what I figured; thanks guys.

@MossyMo: Great idea, i'll have to remember that next time!
I know not to put them in your pants!
It'll get a little warm.....
Ditto. They will collect moisture over a long period of time and start the rusting of the grill. But they will burn late into the night so no worries.
I have a 15 gal. steel drum that I have suspended an expanded metal grate in the top. Whenever I have used briquettes (from the D.O.'s or smoldering wood chunks (from the smoker) I just dump them on the grate and as they continue to burn down, the ash falls down into the bottom. The ashes gets tossed in to the garden.
Wouldn't all that ash increase the PH of the garden soil after a period of time? Wouldn't you need to also add an acid, to balance the alkaline ash? Terry
Just let it burn out and add to the garden. I also cover my garden with old hay throughout the winter, and have never had to mess with the Ph.
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