What to do about tight & dry bnlss pork loin

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Sep 26, 2006
We're sure that most of you have had the experience of the tight and dry pork loin.
You know, no matter how good it looks and feels before it's cooked, when it comes out tight and dry, even @ 140f.

It seems like this problem came about w/ the advent of "The Other White Meat"

Our solution is as easy as it is delicious. We call it PPP, or pork porked pork.

With a long, thin bladed knife, such as a bread or filet knife, cut a pocket down the middle of a boneless pork loin. score the casing of a joint of smoked pork sausage (Eckrich works). Then insert the sausage into the loin leaving enough room to skewer the end closed. (get the pork porked pork picture?)

Season and cook by any method you like to 150f. The fat in the sausage replaces the fat that the pork producers have bred out.

We've tested it to 160f and it's still nice and juicy.

We have some other pet names for it too, but thought they might not be appropiate here. I'm sure you can imagine.
Hardwood smoke in a large inline smoker usually, but direct/indirect grilling is good as well.
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