What should I do next?

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Smoke Blower
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Jan 24, 2007
So Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ve done a Pork Butt, Brisket, Ribs and a Turkey. What do you guys\gals think I should do next? I want to keep trying new things; the wife wants me to do another turkey (we still have leftovers). I don't want to get crazy and do ostrich or anything, but I want to maybe try a cut of meat that isn't, letâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s say, standard. Throw out any idea, Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m open to all. I can get a hold of most cuts as there are tons of meat shops in my area.

Side question:

How does buffalo do in the smoker? My cousin lives in the mountains and has a friend how raises bison and sells her a whole cut buffalo but her and her husband can never finish it all so she wants me to buy the other half which I would gladly do. I love me some buffalo!
Really? Do they hold up pretty well? That would make me very very happy. Buffalo to me (hopefully i don't get flamed for this) tastes so much better than beef. Then again I have never tasted smoked buffalo so maybe it doesn't turn out the same.
I've done beef roasts....a tad hard to get buffalo out here.....and they do well.....especially for slicing nice and thin and doing some french dip sandies........
Tri-Tip..............BEEF, IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER.
it's actually got me to thinking of how good a buffalo pastrami would be............maybe you need to send a good roast of it out to me so I can make one and try it!!!
Mostly thats my doctor talking since I have had cholesteral problems, which is bad at my age (28). I've been eating it so long that when I do go back to beef it has a different taste.
I could. It is all over the place near me. Let me know if you really want one, I could send it out ASAP.
don't tempt me!!!!! it would be interesting........but not sure if it would make the trip from denver to seattle well or not.......
But, my wife more than makes up for my last comment. Her father used to raise cattle in Lexington, Nebraska and her Grandfather still does in Thedford, Nebraska.

As long as ya got a doctor's note
......seriously though, glad your doing what you have to do to stay healthy
Looks like UPS will ship meat but it's best to only ship on Monday and Tuesday so it doesn't get held up over the weekend. Seriously, let me know if you want some, I have no problem getting it to you.
So far it looks like Buffalo is up first and then some yard birds. I do like chicken but I eat it all the time, almost 3 times a week, so it will be next.
my wife prefers i stick with brisket, and ribs. she doesn't care for chicken too much (unless it is fried, i don't care for chicken period), and she doesn't like turkey. beef roasts are ok with her, as long as it isn't dry. i injected the last roast i did, helped alot with the dryness.
have yah tried to smoke some fish?

salmon is good for you.. fish have the good kind of fats... nothing like a nicely smoked piece of salmon..
OK - You got a "Double Dog Dare" on the chicken sooooooooo..................
You HAVE to do it, no way around that.
But I like the Tri Tip, I think you would be very happy with it.
"Any food that can be pan fried, broiled, or roasted indoors can be grilled or smoked" (KCBS Que Tip)
Chickens must really turn out great if I being double dog dared.

Still gonna hve to do the Buffalo roast first though. I had chicken again last night for dinner and i'm not sure I can handle it this weekend.

I have yet to do a smoked fish. Knowing the benefits of salmon I wish I liked it. I have never like the flavor, regardless of how it has been cooked. I am more of a mild fish fan myself. Everyone says that salmon is mild but o me it has a distinct fishy taste that I can't get past. The wife loves it though so I will do it up for her.
I'm look'n forward to you doing buffalo. I have never smoked buffalo, and I live 1/2 mile from a feedlot that raises them. More stories on that w/beer and a smoker full of food.

I'll second the salmon. It wasn't bad, but have'n tri-tip right next to it in the ice box doesn't help.

Keep us posted.

BTW, if you do chicken, don't marinade in Ranch Dressing. Don't ask why.
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