What meet is best for Jerky first timer?

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Smoke Blower
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Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
I have been trying to make a lot of things with my smoker but I have not done Jerky yet and I love the taste of it but I hate the cost of it in stores. Most of the time I just get original flavor.

What I am wondering what is the best cut to start off with first for my first time making this? I think I am going to start with beef.

So far from what I have read. I want to slice the meat about 3/8" thick. When I read for temps I am not sure what I want to cook it up to. I like my jerky a little chewie.

This will be my first time so I would like to try and keep the cost down on the meat incase I screw up.

Thanks for your help.

Hello there...I like to use either a top round or bottom round london broil...which ever is on sale...the top round is more tender....
When I slice mine , I like to make it around a 1/4 " thick..haven't had a chance to do any in the smoker yet..but have had good luck in the oven...I use the Hi Mountain jerky seasonings...and these are the instructions from them...

for the oven...1 to 1 1/4 hours at 200*.I have done this several times..really good stuff..

for the smoker...smoke at 200* for 1 1/2 to 2 hours
DO NOT smoke for more than 3 hours, until you have tasted the first batch....do not over cook or over smoke...

Hope this helps ya

i love jerkey and make a fair amount of it. i normaly use the dehydrator for simplicity, i noticed it works at 155* max temp (the temp i dehydrate my meat at) it normaly takes about 4 hours or more.

i have tried it in my smoker but i always over smoke it for my taste. what i have learned at higher temps it gets done pretty quick and i usually over cook it so if you do this watch it. at the higher temps your cooking it and not dehydrating it like your supposed to be doing. next batch i make (probably sunday or monday) i think i am going to go at about 135-150 for about an hour then finish in the electric dehydrator (or oven if you dont have one, but wise investment), so as not to over smoke it and control how done the meat is.

im like you i like mine a little more chewy or moist.

i also use mostly bottom round because i can get it at Sams Club for around 2.44-2.64 per lb and usually get a 6 lb roast (or 4). as long as it is a lean cut of meat that is all the matters really, fat is bad as it goes rancid if you dont eat it quick enough and it sucks cutting it off. bottom i think has a little more fat then does the top but i can never find the top, boo hoo on me.

i also use a spice rub from obie-que called smooth moove. let it sit in the fridge over night and it will be some of the best jerkey you have ever had. love it.
I did some jerky some time ago here. Used some rump,and made up a mustard seed , chilli / salt pepper and home made black sauce (we call it worschester sauce but this one home made) marinade and left it in a sealed bag in the fridge for o/night and smoked it for two or so hours. Maggi seasoning was also in the mix.I really can't remember how long but was really nice, with a few beers. I guess it is not REAL jerky because it is smoked/cooked and not dried, but it was sure nice, full of moisture and flavour. You blokes have got me thinking about it again. Will check on the rump supply. Thanks.
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