"What kind of sauce did you use?"

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Aug 11, 2005
Before going on vacation, I needed to smoke 4 slabs of ribs, a maple fatty, and smoked cheesy bread (see pictures in Side Dish thread) and a pork butt to have the dog sitter over for dinner for a good meal, and pet care instructions.

Well, with all that bread and fatty, only 2 slabs managed to get eaten.

So I still got 2 slabs in foil in the cooler (I did a 3-3 method, leaving them in foil without saucing then in the cooler for an hour or 2). I grab them, then go ringing doorbells.

Next door neighbor is the lucky winner of slab #1, then 3 no homers, when neighbor #2, opens the door as I am walking up to another house (I woke the guy up). He gladly accepts the second slab (great newlywed, new baby too, couple from mainland China)

Next day, the nextdoor neighbor stops me in the driveway. "Those ribs were fantastic! You really got this whole barbecuing thing down to a science. ( :oops: ) But I gotta ask, What kind of sauce is that?"

My response: there was no sauce. I said that apple and hickory your tasting, complemented by a good rub. I ran in and grabbed him a can of "3 Guys Smokin Pork Powder" and gave it to him. I said next time he grilled ribs, add that 24 hours in advance. He then told me his wife doesnt care for ribs, but he had to fight her to get even half a slab. They both loved them.

It was a great feeling.

I continue mowing or whatever I was doing.

Lucky neighbor #2 sees me, and he and his wife come out. They thanked me for the ribs, said they were great, and said they are eager to try even more American food. I said that it was my pleasure to introduce them to real barbecue, cuz the crap they would get in restaurants is not smoked, but baked, sauced, then grilled. His wife then said "I just have to ask. What was in the sauce?"

I laughed (they probably thought I was nuts). Told them that was smoke flavor complimenting a good base rub. She was like "but I could see alot of sauce in the foil?" I explained how the last part of the cook is in the foil, and that what she saw was the natural juices of the meat. She said "that was the great sauce, whereever it came from"

I think its time I throw a down home full blown barbecue. Especially before them damned yellow jackets get any more irritating. They are practicing for Labor Day, I guess

Just wanted to share
Great story Bill, and I second the thought of those darn yellow jackets :evil: They've really gotten out of hand over the last 10 years or so :roll:

It must be nice to have neighbors you could share food with. Also, I would love to have a big cook and invite the neighbors over, but then again, anytime I do ribs. All the kids show up, and it is a big cook.
Way to go Bill!! My brothers would like me to do a Que blow-out for Labor Day-Ribs, butts, brisket and brats-but they don't want to help with the cooking :( 'cuz I cook circles around them (their words-not mine). Could I possibly borrow a dozen yellow jackets from ya?? :twisted:
Hey, before the bees get too bad .... ya think you could share the recipe for your sauce, I hear it's to die for. :D

Always great when folks taste reall BBQ for the first time. Thanks for sharing Bill 8) with them and us.
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