What is in you CD Player?????

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Original poster
Aug 29, 2006
I Have

Jimmy Buffet Live in Las Vegas Margaritaville
Bob Marley Legends
Grateful Dead greatest hits.

Keep on smokin'
Howeling Wolf, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, BBKing .. I could go on but I think you got the idea.

everything but country, wellll some country, hey has anybody used a big green egg for smoking briskets, im expecting delivery of one any day now and i would like to hear from those that have one or know about them.
Pearl Jam, U2, Boston, REM, L.Z., Plant, Floyd, Van Halen, and if I could, I'd put beer in my CD player. Hey, imagine if it sounded as good as it tastes... I would listen to it every day! 8)
Jerry Jeff Walker to Pink Floyd to Snoop Doggy Dog and all points in between. If it sounds good I listen too it. 8) I've been listening to some flamenco guitar by a guy in Indiana called Brian Hoeche that really is quite talented, in more ways than one!
Eagles, Willie, Patsy, Merle, Hank, Hank Jr, lots of old country and new country, (NO Dixie Chicks!) Rascals, a bunch of Motown artists, a couple of 50's collections and I have all the jazz you could ever want! In other words, just about everything and anything to suit my mood (or to create one!) And if all else fails...I do a little of my own strummin' and hummin'.
Nuff Sed
Ohh yea .. Pink floyd and the Zep .. and some Dylan works well with me .. I play the sax .. sooo Jazz is also cool with me ..

I usually listen to a station out of Dallas via internet. It plays alot of old country, rowdy country, and modern day alternative country with a good dose of southern rock here and there and probably some stuff that would qualify as bluegrass. In short, about anything country-fried but the top 40 modern day pop country. 8)

If I do load up the CD player, Robert Earl Keene Jr., Ray Wylie Hubbard, Chris Knight, Todd Snider, HankIII, Hank Jr., Skynard,Blackfoot, man I could go on....I love good music.

Link to "The Range" in Dallas- http://khyi.com
Johnny Cash baby................Al DiMeola...............and almost anything Flamenco guitar 8)
Tanya Tucker's Greatest Hits Encore - can't beat Delta Dawn
Marty Robbins two Gunfighter Ballads
Hank Williams Greatest Hits
Frankie Laines Greatest Hits
a little early Bill Monroe or the Carter Family
and any Johnny Cash
and if I still need a music fix Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden CD.

And I'm sneaking them on the ipod I bought my wife for our anniversary so that we are on a long trip I won't have to listen to endless Il Divo
What's a CD player????

Couldn't resist :lol: .

On the MP3 player I have a steady stream of:

Alice AIn Chains
Sound Garden
Led Zepplin

Take care,

Couldn't resist.

I finally broke down and bought a 1Gb MP3 player. Man, I haven't looked back. I even found a site that lets you, for $40 US a year, store unlimited MP3s for bringing down anywhere with an internet connection. Pretty handy as I travel a lot for my job.

Now I just need to get rid of these 8 track tapes :lol: .

Take care,

A Gig mp3. That is just amazing to me. I am on a 1 Gig HP laptop that I would be ashamed to admit what I paid for 2 or 3 years ago when it was hi tech stuff :oops: and then we were at 1.6 Gig 6 months later if that.

I'm an 'ol hillbilly that likes shiny disc and will probably never have one, but just how many songs will that thing hold? More importantly, and the thing that really makes it seem like it would annoy ME, how in the world do you keep track of them. I mean if you want a specific song how do you find it right now. Be gentle, probably dumb questions but I ain't no hi tech feller. :lol:
the only CD player I own now is in the truck. I lhave a comedy CD I burned I like to listen to on long trips.

My MP3 player which I listen to while exercising, has a lot of stuff from the 70s and 80s high tempo. I use it when bike riding, or walking. Mostly Motown and early hip-hop stuff. When I want to kick back and relax, Stevie Ray Vaughn! A cold one, and like smoke session and some SRV. That just makes everything seem okay.
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