What is everyone smoking this weekend?

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I dont have an idea yet what we will do, but I would love to hear what you guys are up too......

2 slabs of spare ribs, chicken of some sort a fatty some ATB's...... anything else that is not nailed down!
3-2-1 ribs with Jeff's rub
1 2lb MacKensie Fattie

a pair of yard birds beer can style
a rack of ABTs

several meatloaves mopped with apple juice and Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
3 homemade Italian style fatties
Just thought I'd add this one to this thread also!

Going to give the new smoker it's maiden voyage! Got about 20# of rack ribs these are the wifes speciality! I just stand back and watch on those! The I'm going to throw in a couple of sirloin tip roasts for the next day. Never did pulled beef. I'm at work and my 'Q sauce is simmering on the stove right now!
Just a smellin the whole house up! Got my wife keeping an eye on it and told her if it starts getting to thick open up 2 cans of Strohs dump on in and drink the other! LOL!!!

After this is all done and the heat is almost gone I've got a big chuck of baby swiss that's gonna get a good lick of smoke! I have to cut the wheel into slabs now since I put a coating of garlic powder onion powder and season salt on first. Everybody kept shaving that off before I'd get any!! LMAO!!!

Happy Holiday to all and may those defending our freedom come home soon!
fatties have a WHOLE different meaning in the islands, mon.......

Lisa, I'm making YOUR meatloaf x 2 and Dutch's Beans x 2. One for me, one for friend who just got a job in Vermont and leaves in 4 days.
Where in Vermont will your friend land? Does he smoke? If so that will be two of us! LOL!

I'm smoking 2 lemmon chickens........grilling steak and shrimp ka'bobs and grilling corn on the cob!!!! Oh yeah!!
Same here too. Im gonna try a fatty stuffed with a green chili pepper stuffed with onion, cheddar & cream cheese. I'm also gonna try Dutch's beans, and the family and friends cant get enough of those atomic buffalo turds.
first off i wanna go cook & jam w/ the other gypc... here's a 15 lb brisket injected w/ balsamic vinegar(talk about breaking down the meat),killian's red & worchestershire, rubbed w/ fiesta fajita spice, uncle chris' steak spice & garlic pdr., 2-3 lb. loafs w/ garlic,worch,celery,jalapeno,bacon chips,onion soup mix( smoke until done & tent@ 225 for an hour w/ chixbroth & mush. soup), a few chix 1/4s w/ weber kickin' chicken spice & beer,a plain generic fatty split w/ smoked cheddar & garlic. gonna do 2 lbs of pintos w/ hocks & rotels, grilled/smoked corn & organic green beans w/ a butter baste and dogs for the kids( oh yeah- my loafs look more like meat pies...) hope we don't go into labor tomorrow cause it will all be jerky..........here's the pre pics.. http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...memdayque1.jpg http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...quepics002.jpg http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...memdayque3.jpg http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...quepics004.jpg
i have the food( y'all saw) and the brisket has been rubbed & injected, before i put it on, it will sit for 2-4 hrs @ room temp (never cook chilled meat- screw the health people) but fer a new idea i have never tried after 8 hrs in the fridge & injected - i am trying the coca cola injection- 1/2 12oz can for a 15lb brisket.. i hear it works and i would never do the dr. pepper thing. this supposedly breaks down the fiber & caramelizes from the inside... i sure hate to try new things when the old one works.... especially w/ meat prices lately. i will post pics from start(did that) to finish & a few smiling faces if no one dies after eating ....
lol & ty i'm pre cooking so when baby gets here i can feed the folks & still do daddy doody p.s. i will post a great recipe for kingcrab ( everyone watches deadliest catch - been there done that) stuffed shrooms w/ red wine.i can't wait to smoke the shrooms...
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