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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by got smoke, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. i were to do a turker the same way as the rid method 321 do you people think it would be fall off the bone tender it may be a stupid question but it had to be asked[​IMG]
  2. chris_harper

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    For turkey, you can figure 30 minutes per pound. I did one last year, for Christmas. It was a 12-lb'er. I smoked it for 6 hours, and it was completely eaten. I didn't have any leftovers to bring home :(. This year for Thanksgiving, we got a 13.5-lb turkey in the freezer. I will start it in the smoker the night before, after I get off work (I work 3-11). That will be for lunch. Or I might start it Thanksgiving morning, for supper, when it gets done is when we will eat.
  3. fatback joe

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    If you keep it wrapped in foil with some liquid in there it will get to the fall off the bone stage.........just like sticking a chicken in a crock pot or something.

    You can make any meat "fall off the bone" if you keep the moisture content up and cook it long enough.

    If you are just looking for a tender juicy turkey, just don't over cook it. [​IMG][​IMG] .......no need for the foil if you do it right.
  4. ok i just did a 13 pounder and it turned out great it was all eaten really fast but i was just wondering about that foil thing. the turkey i did was at 300 to 325 for four hours and it was very tender. i soaked in a brine overnight. washed the salt off and put olive oil on the outside with some lawerys put some tyme,rosemary,garlic on the inside of the bird. it was really tasty the skin was not rubber. thanks
  5. raypeel

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    Sounds like it should work, but I would think the skin would be soggy??

    Did you baste the turkey while cooking?
  6. walking dude

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    Ray.........at the temps he was cooking it at.......the skin will be crispy

    now if he did it at 250, THEN it wuld be rubber........

    BUT.........as a side note............that has been discussed here just recently..........the mayo trick.......i GUESS.......i will be finding out this turkey day.........the mayo trick at 250..........the skin will come out crisp and tastie


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